Wind steady

Dec 11, 2014

Dec 11, 2014

Dec 11  Position:  34. 50 S, 126. 00 E

I have taken refuge in my bunk the last few days to try and find relief from the incessant motion and noise.

We’re making good speed over the ground, but since around 08:00 this morning when the wind came around from Southeast to the East, our heading is now 40 degrees instead of 90. That’s a lot further north than during the night, so any miles west are long sailed.

wind at the surface

 wind shift – southeast to east

Wind is very steady today. Will stay on starboard tack til the wind shifts later this afternoon. One leg is getting longer than the other! All’s well.

Course 30T Speed 5 knots Wind SE 10-15 Waves E 3 m Cloud 100 % Temp 20 C Baro 1024 rising Miles in last 24 hrs: 130 nm

Distance to entrance of Bass Strait: 790 nm


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