Back in Fremantle, Western Australia

FSC #2Nov. 22, 2014

It’s 5:30 a.m. the sun is up.  Good sleep last night. Alek has made us a cup of tea. (Glenn visited friends Alek and Maryanne while he gets the boat ready to sail to New Zealand).

There’s a fresh breeze blowing cool enough to raise some goose bumps but the sky holds promise of a warm day with white clouds drifting across the light blue horizon. Yesterday afternoon we ventured down to the Fremantle Sailing Club and checked out West Wind II.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 1.26.06 PM

It was exciting to be back in the marina around all the yachts. Several crews were stretched out on the dock having a cold one after what looked like a great day of racing. We rolled the two wheeled barrows out to D  dock and half way down past about 50 boats on our finger there was WW II waiting patiently. She looked good in the bright Aussie sun gently tugging at her mooring lines as the Fremantle doctor blew over the breakwater. Down below it smelled a little musty but after opening up all the hatches it cleared away quickly. There was little water in the bilge but she was as neat as a pin. The on board ‘Library Bar’ was opened and after giving the glasses a quick polish we all had a toss of the golden liquid. Maryanne was chosen as designated driver so Alek and I toasted our good fortune and of course to you MaryLou, wishing of course, you were here with us.

Today is my first work day and I will start this morning down on WW II airing her out. I am going to wash all the surfaces and take the cushions out and let the Australian sun and wind clean them off. I turned on the radio and checked the batteries quickly to fine 13.75 volts sitting there ready to go. The rigging looks good and the lockers will have their contents bathed in the warm sun to get rid of the musty smell as well. 

The ocean is very inviting and there is a great beach close by so after a good stab at the work I hope to hit the beach for a swim in the surf.

Lots of talk about my route to New Zealand so in the next week after monitoring the weather I’ll decide which way to go. The sun has broken through the cloud and beating warm on my face. Feels great.



  1. Ken Pfister says

    It’s great to be getting your reports again. Have a great sail to New Zealand.

  2. Alan Campbell, Penticton BC says

    Wonderful to hear the good news! My wife Laila and I are wishing you all the best and we are indescribably glad for you that you have beaten the dragon and are preparing to set sail again.

  3. God speed me old china! This must bring back a flood of memories, mostly good, some not so good. We will be following your progress. Be safe. M&J

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