Loading gourmet Aussie provisions

WestWind FSC Nov 2014

West Wind II at Fremantle Sailing Club

Nov 28
Cool and overcast here this morning. Had a shower and I’m now sitting on the patio making out my last list before I leave. I have a few jobs to do and get the last of the food and I will be ready. 

Glenn and I had a Skype call this evening. He’s in good spirits and looking forward to setting off early tomorrow morning. I captured these images while he gave me a tour of the boat and showed off the wonderful stores he’s been loading on in preparation for his departure. Looks like he’ll be well fed and watered for his passage to New Zealand.

It’s a sunny afternoon and I’m almost ready to cast off the lines. I must negotiate my departure time with customs and then I will be gone. Till then I have the rest of the afternoon and the evening to enjoy this amazing experience. I think I’ll go for a last swim and do some cleaning while I still have lots of fresh water. I’ll plot the GPS coordinates for tomorrow morning then rest and do some reading.  





  1. Hey Glenn,

    Sounds pretty exciting down under. We are really looking forward to the daily log. Have a fantastic voyage.
    All the best,
    James and Louise

  2. Marilyn Guille says

    Happy sailing, Glenn – glad you’re back on West Wind II!

  3. Great to see it all coming together! Well done in an amazingly short amount of time! Enjoy the remaining time in Freemantle.

  4. Hubert Havelaar,Cortes Island says

    Bon Voyage Glenn!

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