Ham radio down

Albany, Western Australia

Albany, Western Australia

Dec 5  Albany,Western Australia

After 24 hours of silence, I received a phone call from Glenn late last night. He was unable to get his ham radio working and very quickly decided to change course and head for Albany in Western Australia to make the necessary repairs. This, after two missed radio skeds with his ham operator in Western Australia.  

By the time he got to a land phone to make the call, he had the boat tied up in the civic boat basin in downtown Albany and was about to remove the radio from the boat and take it to a local marine electrics shop.

It was Friday afternoon (Aussie time) when he pulled in and he thought it was wishful thinking that they could find the problem, fix it, and he could be on his way. So he may be spending an unexpected weekend in beautiful downtown Albany. 

I’ll post an update as soon as I get it.




  1. Sorry to hear about the radio problems! I can tell from these posts just how important the ham operator community is, not to mention the lifeline to you, Mary Lou! I hope it all gets fixed without problems and Glenn can continue. Hope he’s taking the opportunity to rest up after what sounded like a pretty rough start.
    All the best,

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