Searching for Balance

Dec 3, 2014  Position: 36 04.650 S,  114 12.875 E 

Dec 3, 2014

It’s 10:50 am and the sun has turned the ocean a deep indigo. We’re sailing off the wind, on a good course, at an acceptable speed and, in the right direction. I saw my first Wandering Albatross this morning – a young one, not much in the way of mature white feathers showing yet. It was “magnificent”.  Can’t wait to see it again. And, I had a nice chat with Alek this morning at 9:00 local on 40 meters 7.145. So, my world is complete.

Albatross southern ocean

I’m having a difficult time balancing my diet. Feeling a bit hypoglycemic, dizzy and generally not feeling well at all. I keep having to lie down and take it easy. No relief in my tummy either. Finding it hard to focus at the moment but I’ll sort it out.

Very surprised this morning to find my bilge full of water.  Second day in a row although yesterday I attributed it to all the water over the deck these last few days and some inevitably makes its way into the bilge – that’s what it’s for. I tasted it this morning and it was fresh water !! This started a rather intense search for the leak. It would appear I have lost half my water. I could not find any hoses that had let go but after inspecting the port and starboard tanks, I believe it is the starboard tank that is leaking. So I have pumped all the water out of that tank and into the port tank hoping it was the problem. I’ll keep a close eye on it every hour to make sure I am right.  

Position: 36 04.650 S,  114 12.875 E Heading: 140 T Speed 5.5 knots Wind West 10-15 Waves West 1 m Cloud 55% Temp 18 C Baro 1012 Steady
Miles in last 24hrs: 95 nm.


  1. Sonia Polson says

    Really hope that you start to feel better really soon and hope that you’ve been able to do some leak management. If anyone can deal with these 2 problems at the same time, then it’s you!!! Positive thoughts to you and of course, also to ML.

  2. Glad to hear you saw a wanderer! A most exceptional companion in the wind. Hope ya kick the illness.

  3. Warm greetings Glenn. I know we could just hear each other earlier today, but not good enough for a chat. Marrijke and the boys and their wives all send regards and wish you fair winds and safe sailing. Take care my friend Sam – ZS!SAM

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Hi Sam Glenn will be very pleased to hear from you and no doubt wish you two could chat over the radio. All the best to all. ML

  4. Craig Reeder says

    Goes without saying but turn your water pressure off when not cooking. I found mine in the galley sink pressure hose. Good luck! Craig

  5. Damn you are a tough nut. The last place anyone that is sick to their stomach can tolerate is a floating bit of sailboat in an angry sea. I’m hoping you get better real fast. On the good side of things I see that you are averaging good distance each day. Hope that keeps up. Sending you a barrage of positive thoughts.

  6. Jean and Mike Layland says

    Hi Glenn.

    Good news about the albatross – a good sign, methinks. But we’re sorry to hear you’re still under the weather. Take good care of yourself – remember, you’re looking after a dear friend of ours!

    We’re enjoying our last day of sunny weather here in Victoria, according to the forecast, and as we cross over into a low, with milder temperatures, we have the gift of a day that is mild with sunshine. Heaven.

    Love from Jean & Mike

  7. Hope you’ve got the water leak sorted! Scary to have lost so much! Do you keep a handpumped watermaker on board for emergencies? Also sorry to hear you’re still feeling under the weather, but fantastic that you have your community of ham radio operators—I’d imagine that would make such a difference.

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