Storming Along

Dec 4, 2014 36. 22.598 S, 117 .01.993 E
Dec 4 worldview
I seem to have isolated the water leak and have managed to save a little under half my original water supply. We sailed through several rain showers late yesterday afternoon so the prospects of catching water are good.

We are storming along at 7.5- 8 kts at the moment, having made 60 miles in the last 12 hours. The sky is wearing a thin patchy low cloud that covers the sky at the moment with tinges of pink and blue amongst the light grey. We are sailing just off the south wind that has blown all night at about 15-20 kts. 

The motion on board is fabulous if you are lying down. More than challenging if you try to stand up. I am feeling fine and the tummy situation seems to have settled.  I’m going back to my nice warm bunk to try to get a few more winks before facing the day head on. 

I’ll send this off now and hope it finds you well.  XO

Current position @ noon Dec 4 Lat.36 22.598 S, Long 117 .01.993 E Course 95 T Speed 6 kts Wind SE 15-20Waves s 2m Cloud 35% Temp 16 C
Baro 1019 steady Miles in last 24hrs 110nm Distance to Bass Strait:  1174 nm.

Surface wind currents in the Southern Ocean

Surface wind currents in the Southern Ocean

Visit to watch an animated map of the surface wind currents in the Southern Ocean.


  1. Barry Johnson says

    Maybe some lovely beam reaching across the bight coming up. Thanks for the updates.

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