Things coming together. Excitement building.


West Wind at Royal Victoria Yacht Club

Nov. 27  
I am now moored in front of the clubhouse at the Fremantle Sailing Club – a position of honour I’m told. Fine with me as it’s not so far to go for a swim or a shower.

WW II is looking very good and I’ve received lots of nice comments about how beautiful she looks. I made a bit of a grand entrance right at sunset while club members were attending a general meeting so there were lots of eyes watching me come in very slowly.  I made a great landing on my own and  stepped off and tied her up. Lots of people came by and there were many nice things said.

I fixed the head and washed out the bilges. Things are coming together and I am now feeling more confident about leaving. Got an up to date chart of Cockburn Sound this afternoon so will be able to identify all the lights as I go through Challenger Passage at the south end of the sound. It will save about twenty five miles from the way I came in. I also filled the fuel tank and water tanks. I will spend some time stowing the food tomorrow and going shopping for the basics. With everything on, West Wind is trimming out very well.

The winds for Sunday look light but the sea is down as well so I can make very good time with a full main and jib. I’m getting a little excited about heading out.

Ended the day with a swim in the dark and I’m having a beer at the bar which is only a few meters from WW II. I have to admit I’m feeling proud of WW II.

Can’t wait to sail into the Bay of Islands and meet you there.


  1. Hey Glen, Wishing you a safe passage and favourable west winds!

  2. Stevie McDowell says

    Bon Voyage Glenn! It’s been such a treat to get your updates and we can’t wait to virtually set sail with you again! Best wishes as you head forth. Hugs, Stevie & Dean

  3. I am so exited for you and this new adventure bring it on Glenn.
    Good luck!

  4. Steve Illman says

    Glenn, She does look beautiful. Have a great sail. Look forward to your posts.

  5. Great news Glenn. Thanks for the posts over the last few days. I can feel your excitement and sense of anticipation as you get ready to castoff once again.

    No need to tell you yto “Take care!” as I know you will. I do wish you fair winds and Godspeed!

    I am looking forward to posts of your voyage and hope to see you in Victoria!

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