Leaving New Zealand

West Wind II ready to cast off.  Opua Marina, Bay of Islands,  New Zealand. Dec 8, 2015

West Wind II ready to cast off from Opua Marina, Bay of Islands, New Zealand. Dec 8, 2015

Claire and Glenn Opua, NZ

Claire and Glenn Opua Marina, NZ


On December 9th, 2015 West Wind II sailed out of the Bay of Islands on a broad reach travelling at 4 – 5 knots on a calm sea. Nothing like being back at sea on day like today.

December 10
Just made tea and have been up on deck to adjust the sails and our course. Claire and I had a very “lively” first night with the wind coming off our stern quarter.We will gradually get ourselves accustomed to life at sea over the next few days. 

We’re making good time – 75 nm since leaving NZ in the sunset last evening.We had great boat speed (over four knots) for most of the night but the motion was a wild cork screw with water on deck. 

We had a light following breeze out of the Bay of Islands and in the early evening we ran out of wind which gave us a short chop. I turned on the motor and headed in the direction the waves were coming from and after half an hour we found the wind that had created those nasty waves. Soon we were double reefed with the jib rolled in twice and that’s how we stayed all night. This morning, I rolled out the jib to bring us back up to 5kts. It’s a grey overcast morning. The sun, when it does come up, will have only a small window of sky under the grey quilt to say hello, and then tuck back in the clouds.

All is well on board West Wind II. She’s sailing herself and the crew is resting and taking it easy.

Dec 10

Dec 10th  Noon Position: 
35.19.119S, 176.18.536 E
Course 106 True
Speed: 6.5 nm
Wind: SW 15 – 20
Waves SW 1.5 – 2 m
Cloud Cover: 10%
Distance to Tahiti: 2115 nm



  1. Ron Koyich says

    No news for months – any updates on WW, MaryLou?

    Ron Koyich

  2. John Friesen says

    Safety first. Don’t want to lose that pecious cargo down below! Or the fellow steering the boat either. Good luck with getting to safe harbour and easy repairs. Good to hear from you again!
    John F.

  3. Warm greetings Glenn and Claire. Both Marijke and I send you fair winds and safe sailing. I’m in radio contact with Susanne – N1QFE – and she sends greetings to you and MaryLou. Her position this morning 42 27 S 031 22 E. on her way to W Australia. 73 de Sam

  4. WWII is back where she belongs. On the open seas, taking her people on another great adventure and bringing them safely back to their loved ones.

    Claire, the Midwife, thought she was going on a vacation. Instead, she is working hard, assisting her father with his baby.

    Glenn and Claire, we’ll talk to you each day on the radio. Best wishes,

    Alek & Maryanne

  5. Would love to read a few details about where Glenn is going now.

  6. Rob Terstall says

    Glenn, I’m delighted to see you on West Wind II, and to bring her back to where she belongs…Victoria. When are you expecting to make the Hawaii to Victoria leg? Enjoy yourself and have a safe sail back home.

    Rob Terstall

  7. Glad to hear you’re cast off again. Wishing you fair winds!

  8. Looking forward to following your journey.

  9. Great to hear West Wind II is under way again! Bon voyage!

  10. Hi Glenn We are you heading after Tahiti?

  11. Barry Johnson says

    Choice Bro. Great to see the boat out to sea again. Looking forward to getting the posts. A little more exciting than doing school reports.

  12. wayne vk4xg says

    Look forward to hearing your signal sometime glenn. hope its plain sailing. whats your watch frequency? cheers wayne tasker

  13. Hi Glenn and Claire,
    Hope you are having a great time. Will drink a glass of wine with Marylou on Saturday. Stay safe, Santa

  14. Peter Brand says

    Hello Glenn and Claire. Lovely to hear that father and daughter are passagemaking together once again. Safe travels and happy times. I’ll be following your progress daily. Love and best wishes, Peter

  15. Jeff vk2mzz says

    Hi guys
    Do you have a radio sched
    As i would lovd to make contact
    Cheers jeff

  16. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Wow, We thought the boat had been sold. So can we assume it is returning to Victoria with Glenn and Claire. How exciting. Good luck guys. Safe sailing.

  17. Susan Bassett says

    So good to see you back aboard! Where bound?

  18. Rob DeGros says

    …Sailing to Tahiti…now that sounds like a fine idea at this time of year ! Have fun and stay safe
    love, Rob and Wendy. PS Hi ML !

  19. Patricia Anne Karis says

    Hi, Lou – thanks for including me on this next leg of the journey … didn’t realize that there was another sailing adventure in the making …. I am HAPPY to get on board again … BON VOYAGE, Glenn … Safe sailing to you … Sincerely, Pat Karis …

  20. Sonia Polson says

    Good luck on your new journey!

  21. Ken Pfister says

    Thanks for the update Marylou and have a great sail back Glenn.

  22. David Myles says

    Hey Glen and MaryLou,
    Havent heard from you in a while. Good to hear WW 2 is at sea again, however I dont know where you are going – back to BC perhaps?

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