On to Bay of Islands


Dec 13 BoI

 Dec 13 noon

We are now 110 miles from the entrance to the Bay of Islands and all is going well. Claire has just made an amazing Sunday brunch which is a real feat in this weather. She is an amazing person, and I’m sure she will be as glad as I will to get in to Opua, get the boat up on the hard, and find out our fate. For now we are taking it easy and listening to Tracy Chapman.

Looking for the wind change this afternoon and will tack on that and hopefully lay the mark. Thanks for the great support,  will keep you posted as to our position.

Noon position for Sunday Dec. 13th

Lat 35′ 06.412 S

Long. 176’25.520 E

Course 243’T

Speed 6.5 kts

Wind NW 15-20

Waves NW 1.5-2 meters

Cloud cover 80%

Distance to Bay of Islands: 109nm


  1. wayne vk4xg says

    Hi Glen thanks for the info i have been working pm shifts this week including sunday npt home till 7pm too late to listen out for any radio calls will listen out today about 4pm onwards on 14 400 i wish you both well and hope the boat fix is small and not too major , would like to keep in touch when you get to sea again cheers 73 and best wishes for the festive season regards wayne tasker

  2. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Hi Glenn and Claire,
    So glad to hear you guys are closing on Opua and that Claire has discovered her talents as “chef of the seas!” What a shame that you cannot listen to the cricket as the first test of three, which was being played in Hobart between The West Indies and Australia, finished on day 3 (it should have run 5 days). Unfortunately for the Windies, they were trounced by The Aussies. Geoff was keen to answer all your questions on the etiquette of play etc Glenn. It was Geoffs birthday yesterday and we had a lovely bbq with our family on Kate and husband Bart’s new deck they have just had built. It was a lovely. I would love to forward a family photo but not sure if this website will accept it. If not please accept all the family’s good wishes for your journey
    Cheers for now Sally and Geoff X

  3. Hope you can continue this new adventure! We just enjoyed some New Zealand strawberries here in Vancouver. I know we should be eating local, but must say they were delectable! Do try some – maybe they will provide some consolation after your unexpected change of plans!

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