Big seaway, little wind


Lat 6.54 S Long 161.03 W Course 336 T Speed 6.7 knotsWind NE 15 knots Waves NE 2.5 m Cloud 10% Baro 1009  temp 30 C
Miles in last 24 hrs. 130 nm Range to Honolulu 1704

December 31, 2016, Leg 2, Day 11

Still on starboard tack, hard on the wind, double reefed main, full yankee. Smooth ride bright, sunny and hot.

We met the trade winds last night at 8:30 PM. They are a boisterous lot with a very difficult seaway for us to beat into. Because it is so  dark, I still haven’t seen the seaway but the motion we have experienced has been too difficult for us to take and so had to reduce sail to triple reefed main with only 8 feet of yankee out and fall off ( point away from the wind) about 20 degrees. Our course is not as good as I would like, nor is our speed but it is much easier on West Wind and considering her vulnerable condition I thought it was the only course of action to take.

Very little sleep most of the night as I was concerned about the engine and the bilge water, and pump. A bit nerve wracking but we are still making reasonable headway and we will deal with our course correction some where along the way.

It will be nice to see the dawn as the dark of the night only magnifies everything and I am hoping our situation will look better once the sun comes up.

Happy New Years Eve !


The dawn has broken and the seas are quite large, couple of meters and the wind fairly light. So I have broken out the Yankee and taken one reef out of the main and we are wobbling and lurching along at a neck breaking speed of 4.5 knots.

The course is closer to 8 degrees than during the night and I have had a bowl of cereal and brushed my teeth, oh yes and also taken my meds which I forgot to last night.

The sun is still trying to get out from behind a bank of cloud and the air is cool.

I’m exhausted now and going to lie down.


  1. James Houston says

    Happy New Year Glenn At the rate you are going we can welcome you in Maui before we leave there on January 21st!!We are thinking of you daily. Love, James and Louise

  2. Jenny Wright says

    Hi Glenn,

    Happy New Year to you and Marylou.

    Just turning on radio for sked.

  3. G’day mate and happy new year to you.
    We are a little ‘cooler’ than you are at the moment with a cracking fire going, though I would trade for your balmy temperature right now, – while you are rocking and rolling on the high sea, folks on the mainland are slipping and sliding!!
    Looking forward to seeing you when you dock in Victoria.
    Stevie & Dean

  4. happy new year to you and yours.
    stay safe and have a good journey.
    grace and jerry

  5. Mike Gilchrist says

    Happy new year Glenn from the Mike, Lynn, David, Laura and Dan. Wishing you favourable winds on your way home

  6. Robin McLay says

    Hey Glenn, glad to see that you are making good progress. I am enjoying your posts and hoping that the next several days will be smooth sailing and hoping that all the equipment holds up. I look forward to chatting with you once you touch land in Hawaii. Charmaine and Victoria send their love and best wishes. So hang in there buddy and wishing you, Marylou and the girls happy and healthy New Year.

  7. Happy New Year Glenn! We’re thinking of you.

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