Crashing through a low


Lat 35.38 S Long 163.29 W Course: 000T Speed: 4 knots Wind: E 30 Waves: E 2.5 metres Cloud: 100% Barometer: 1009 falling Distance in last 24 hrs:  111 nm Range to Rarotonga: 885 nm

Day 12 Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just took the main sail down so we are slowing down some more to avoid falling of these cliffs with great white frothy heads steaming by us. The rain feels like needles here but at least it’s not too cold. Was brought out of my bunk by the crash of the medicine cabinet falling, or being beaten, off the bulkhead in the Head. Good news is the mirror didn’t break.

I have a close eye on the Fleming wind vane and I expect it won’t last the day so I have another ready to go.

I’ve been trying to get into reading –  Huckleberry Finn at the moment – but it’s hard to concentrate this morning. I am making sure I am hydrating and have a bag of gorp along with 11 more Up & Go Breakfasts. A bit too dangerous to make tea this morning, and carving the chain is out of the question.

There is an impromptu string band having a jam session on the mast, and now with main halyard joining in, it’s slowly driving me out of my mind! Another plus is the wind generator has power to put back into the grid. All’s well.

The InReach tracker is safely stowed down below till this low has passed. It tracks my position only if it has access to the satellites above, and the only safe place to keep it is on the outside edge of the dodger. I made a small velcro strap to hold it in place and because of the motion I just didn’t think it was secure enough. It will return to its spot when the weather settles.  

All is well.


  1. Joseph Longo says

    S0 glad the voyage is homeward! I’ll feel a lot better when Glenn sees the coast of South America off his starboard bow.

  2. Good luck with those cliffs and white horses ( maybe a South African term) Glenn. Good to see the little blue sailboat on the chart is moving North. Keep posting. Just great to hear about your experience.

  3. We’re thinking of you tonight, Glenn. Out there rocking and rolling with you, at least in our minds, and, as ever, we’re enjoying your posts. G & L

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