Crossing the International Dateline


Crossing the International Dateline

Crossing the International Dateline

Day 3 Tuesday, N0vember 29, 2016 

It’s 5:17 am and it’s Tuesday …again. (exact position to come)

During the night we sailed East back across the International date line. The sun is just on the horizon and about to dawn. I’ve been on deck to gybe the Yankee and sort things out a bit. Barely a cloud in the sky, it looks like another fair day coming. The sea is down somewhat, wind is coming from the South West.

A bit nippy this morning but that will change with the sunrise. Up several times during the night, wind shifts and change in velocity.

Made a cup of tea and then back to my nice warm bunk. The orb is up over the horizon right off the bow.


  1. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Looking forward to your daily posts Glenn and Marylou. Excuse our ignorance but which route are you taking (assuming home) ?
    Cheers from The Dolmans Downunder

  2. love waking up to your posts Glenn. Earl Grey tea on the porch thinking of you and the journey.

    • Enjoy tea on the deck Glenn and please drink in the sunshine for all of us. How I crave a hot sunny day! Just great to keep track of WWII and you. Keep writing.

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