Feeling lucky

Day 3 Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Lat: 40.05 S Long: 179.08 W Course: 140 True Speed: 5 knots Wind: W 15 knots Waves: SW 1.5 metres Cloud: 5% Barometer: 1011 + Range to Cape Horn: 4495 nautical miles Distance in last 24hrs: 75 nm

Big waves + little wind = Bumpy ride. Crossed the international dateline and entered the Southern Ocean. Big day.

Leaving Albany

Photo circa 2014

I have a few favourite places on board West Wind II. One is standing on the hatch that covers the lazarette. It’s the one furthest aft or at the very back of the boat. I love holding on to the backstay, the support that runs from the top of the mast to the transom, or back of the boat. Here, I can stand and get a good view of WestWind II’s beautiful sheer, the sweeping lines of her deck curving  up to the bow.

I can also feel the enormous power in her sails that moves her on through the waves and tosses them aside. The motion is like that of a galloping horse. It’s a graceful, steady, purposeful motion; fluid like the sea she passes over. The sun flashes on the bow slicing through the waves, one after another.

She is relentless and powerful and I feel her strength beneath my feet.

I am a lone sailor, the sole rider and commander, witnessing the greatest oceans from horizon to horizon, through the light of day and the starlight of night.

Here I feel like the master of my soul, and it fills me with wonder.

It’s at times that this that I feel the great love for my Marylou and how fortunate I am to have her here, in my heart. I am a very lucky man.

This is my world.





  1. Glenn, stay safe and keep enjoying your moments. Thanks for the adventure.
    Cheers, Jim

  2. Victoria Allen says

    Are you tethered to the boat at all times? The thought of losing your footing and falling overboard would scare the you know what out of me let alone the eerie silence of the night.

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      You’re the second person to comment on his safety harness Victoria. I’ll ask him to write something about it. He’s vigilant about safety and always clips on as he comes out of the companionway and into the cockpit but I’ll let him address that. Thanks!

  3. Kathleen Ward says

    Hi Glenn
    So nice to get the armchair tour of a wilderness sailing trip again! Do you ever feel seasick when you start the journey making a transition from land to sea? Or is that a malady for the unaccustomed? Also please post the air temperature with your stats at the top. Are you still enjoying New Zealand summer air out on the ocean or is it getting colder? Thinking of you, Kath and Jeff

  4. Wonderful to know you’re out there, Glenn, carrying on the dream. Beautiful post today. Safe galloping across those waters.
    G & L

  5. Barry Mitchell says

    hope you got your harness on mate…baz”s wife, julie

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