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World map showing air temperature. Glenn’s position is the small green circle. Temp : 28° C

Lat 14.38 S  Long 160.01 W Wind: Zero Waves: 1 metre East and West Course: 003 T Speed 4 knots Cloud: 50% Baro: 1011 Temperature below decks: 34° C Miles in last 24 hrs: 76 nm Range to Hawaii 2163 nm

December 25, 2016 Leg 2 Day 5 @ 11 am

We have a very harsh environment today.  Not well suited to humans. The sun is absolutely lethal. I was on deck hoping to put up some sail and take advantage of a zephyr of wind and before I could finish I had to take cover below decks. Rehydrate profusely and sit very still for almost thirty minutes till I felt OK.


I had the engine off to check the water, oil and fan belt. Working over the hot engine had the sweat pouring off me. Once again I stopped to rehydrate. I also decided to have a bowl of cereal with honey on it. The tub of honey slipped out of my hand and spilled all down the stove and on to the cabin sole. It is well over 30 in the cabin with the engine running, so the honey ran like water. What a mess, but with some quick action and a sink of soapy water it was cleaned up in quick time and we moved on trying to forget the whole thing.

Back to the engine. I thought while I was at it I would change the fan belt as we have a couple of days of motoring ahead of us and one of the reasons for stopping in Raro was to get a couple of spare belts anticipating the motoring.

As it turns out, the new belts are the wrong size!!! OUCH this could be a big problem. If the old one that I put back on goes before I get across the desert I will have to wait for the wind to fill in, many days. Also it is my back up for making electricity, although with only one panel and all this sun I should be ok.I feel a little pressure and it’s hard not to be anxious about it. 

Good news is I have lots of water and fruit so I will continue to drink lots and eat my fruit. The only place to take sanctuary out of the sun is at the nav station. I am ploughing through Bill Bryson’s “a Short History Of Nearly Everything” trying hard to understand the concept of time and size as it pertains to our being here on Earth today, and maybe how it is I am where I am this morning.

Have to say that your many Xmas wishes as always give me the strength to carry on and make it back home as fast as I can.

I can never thank you all enough for your faithful support. Thank you. 

5 p.m.

Just finished my radio sked with those fine gentlemen of the Ham community, who are there for me on Xmas day. Thank you gentlemen.

Well we are about an hour away from sunset and am I ever glad, it was a real scorcher today. Especially down below with Perkins putting out lots of heat into the cabin. We made good progress and after lunch a zephyr of wind came up behind us from the South. I got the main and jib up and we added another knot and a half to our speed. The wind has increased from 5 to almost 10 knots so we are close to 5 knots over the ground. I’m hoping it will stay through the night. There are weather clouds forming on the horizon around us so we may get some more wind soon. I have been drinking lots of water and fruit all day so feel not too bad. Made it through another day. Looking forward to tonight and the cooler air.

Fond regards Glenn


  1. Good on ya mate;
    I guess that you don’t have any pantyhose to use as a spare fan belt! But knowing you, I am sure that you will come up with a solution if the need arises. Fair winds my friend. Stevie, Cathy, Dean

  2. Sorry to hear about the honey and the belts. Hopefully the winds will pick up and you will make good progress through the desert! My husband Doug is wondering if you take salt tablets? He worked in the merchant navy years ago and took chocolate-coated salt tablets daily for hydration in the tropics. They were particularly useful for engineers working in the hot engine room.
    It’s yet another snowy day here in Vancouver. Truth be told, we wouldn’t mind some of that heat!

  3. David and Gillian Cohen says

    Dear Glenn,
    David and I have been following your progress with appreciation for your fortitude and also for the miracle of modern communication technology. Your present situation makes us all the more thankful for the cool, damp air of the PNW. Travel safely, friend, there are many here at home following you with interest and concern.

  4. Sonia Polson says

    Happy Boxing Day, Glenn. Every day you are getting a bit closer to home and your family. Hope the weather is more gentle for you today. Sonia

  5. Pat and Fred says

    Greetings Glenn from minus 14 C with blowing snow which makes it feel like minus 25 C. Glad to hear you are rehydrating frequently. As always cheering you on.
    Pat and Fred

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