“Good to be back at sea”



Lat. 20.47 S Long. 159.40 W Course 10 T Speed 6 knots Wind E 20 knots Waves E 3-4 metres Distance since leaving
Rarotonga @ 8:30 am: 19 nm Range to Honolulu 2531 nm.

December 21, 2016  Leg 2  Day 1

Good to be back at sea. Merry Christmas to  you all. Cheers Glenn!

Glenn assures me his galley is now filled with fresh tropical fruit and ‘a few treats’ for the passage to Hawaii.

He’s added extra fuel jugs in anticipation of motoring through light air at the Equator and Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZs) ahead.  

Expected arrival in Hawaii, end of January.


Here he is on the InReach tracker ‘eye in the sky’.


  1. Colleen Lumb says

    MERRY CHRISTMAS Glenn, Marylou, Nichola and Claire! Wishing you a continued safe voyage back to your family, Glenn. Colleen

  2. Bill and Tracey says

    how can we meet in the most isolated spot on this blue marble at the same time and not have a beer?
    Looking forward to your details….

  3. Safe journey Glenn. I have been following all of your adventures closely and I envy you more than a little. I have been intrigued by the ocean since I was a small boy and if it weren’t for being exceptionally prone to sea sickness, I would have embarked on such adventures myself many years ago. Your postings are very interesting – please keep them coming! A very merry Christmas to you.

  4. Merry Christmas Glenn, Marylou and family, and have a lovely solstice evening beneath the stars!
    Lisa & Doug Smith

  5. Glad all is OK, Glenn. Enjoy this leg of your trip.

  6. Pat and Fred says

    Merry Christmas Glenn, Marylou , and family, We are cheering you on and wish you the best year ever. Thank you for the updates and visual posts. Kind of like being there without the sea sickness.

    Pat and Fred

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