Happy New Year





Happy New Year All !!!

Position as of o3:30 Zulu or 5:30 Local

Lat 04 30 S Long 161 29 W Wind 10-15 NE Waves NE 2m Course 360T Speed 4.5 knots Cloud 45% baro 1008 Last 24 113 nm
Range to Honolulu 1565

All is well.


  1. KenPfister says

    Happy New Year to you too Glenn and a nice day of sailing!

  2. Lisa Smith says

    Happy New Year to Glenn, MaryLou and family! We’re thoroughly enjoying keeping up with your journey – especially after the latest round of snow shoveling! Best wishes for a wonderful homecoming in 2017! Lisa & Doug Smith

  3. Wade Karmann says

    Thanks Glenn and MaryLou! Happy New Year to you as well!

    We started the new year with fresh snow and -21 C. I thought this news might help Glenn enjoy his day. Cheers, Wade

  4. Joseph Longo says

    Happy New Year Glenn!! I woke up to a frosty day here in Stouffville. How different are our experiences! Following your blogs closely Glenn. Love to hear your voice daily.

  5. Lorne Thirlwell says

    Keep goin North Man!

  6. Lorne Thirlwell says

    Happy New Year! Hope you make it to Hawaii! We were just there and my daughter just got engaged @The Orchid Hotel on Hawaii.I was crushed by a 10 footer in Hapuna Bay. Survived but still feel it.

  7. Hi Glenn,
    Glad all is well. Happy New Year to you!

  8. Have an awesome first day of the 2017 Happy New Years Glenn n Family

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