Homeward bound


Day 8 December 4, 2016

Lat 43.04 S  Long  165.41 W Course 30 T Speed 7 knots Wind NW 15 Waves W 1.5 metres Cloud 100 % Baro 1015 steady
Distance in last 24 hrs: 132 nm

All is well.  Wind generator picking up the slack for missing solar panel.

Very very mysterious burnt point of impact on solar panel. Meteor hit I think?

Beating hard north, homeward bound. Thanks for taking the turn with me. 200 hundred miles short of where I was two weeks ago!

 Many of you have been asking for the link to Glenn’s page on InReach so you can follow his progress. Go to InReach and refresh the page to see his latest position. 


  1. Susan Bassett says

    Great news! So happy to hear that you are heading home.calm seas and starry skies.

  2. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Onya Glenn. Life is always full of twists and turns and isn’t always meant to be plain sailing. Forgive the pun!
    Safe Travels Home.
    Sal and Geoff Dolman

  3. Suzanne Knuth says

    How long do you expect this final leg to take? Just curious!

  4. Glenn, All of us knew you were brave taking this on, but I think it takes more courage and wisdom to turn around. You are a brave, wise man.

  5. Gary mcleod says

    A wise decision from an ex sailor of 45 years. Marylou will be happy. Shud make good time on heading north but interesting approaching 0 degrees . Keep us informed. Love ur daily talks.
    Cheers Gus

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