Horrific seaway


Day 19 December 15, 2016

Lat 24.08 Long 159 59.0 Course: 10 T Speed: 4.5 knots Wind: East 10 knots Waves: North and South 2-3 metres Cloud: 100% Baro: 1012
Distance in last 24hrs:  77 nm  Range to 
Rarotonga: 174 nm


Very grey morning, low cloud and horizon close in. Waves very short, 2+ metres from the North East and South. There is less than five knots of wind, and we have no sail up. Old Perkins has been slogging faithfully at 2-3 knots all night. We are pitching through 15 degrees one way then 15 the other as well as yawing forward and aft, the old cork screw motion in quick action. I have whiplash and feel like I slept in a blender.

We have 196 miles to go. I am sure this will pass, but not too soon for me. Typing here at the nav station is difficult as the curser keeps jumping back into the text I have already written. Hopefully the wind will fill in this morning.

My bunk with the leecloth up is the safest place to be so I am off there now.


Here’s an example of a lee clot. This photo shows how it keeps the sleeping person in the bunk from falling out when the boat heels during sailing or rough weather.


The wind has filled in from the South at 15 knots and we are off and running, literally, at 5 knots. Setting the sails in this malestrom of waves this morning was a gymnastic feat of Olympic proportions. At times we were rolling 30 degrees gunnel to gunnel. I got the triple reefed main up first, held down with vangs and then up with the spinnaker pole and out with the yankee. We are still rolling but not as bad as before, and best of all Perkins has gone off watch along with Auto.

It is quiet now with the sound of the waves coming down through the hatch. Breakfast will my next Olympic event, a gymnastics feat, and I feel confident I’ll get a gold, no problem.

Rarotonga is not far now!


Horrific seaway. Never experienced anything like it.


  1. Susanne Huber-Curphey says

    Hi Glenn
    Happy landfall in the tropics. Do not expect too much from Rarotonga, expensive too. And it is the cyclone season after all. Imagine what the ‘horrific seaway’ would be down here in the 40+ Lats. Tony is now 3 days out of Fremantle to here. Best greetings and merry X-Mas from Tasmania. Susanne

  2. Ellie Matheson says

    I am feeling nauseous just reading this post Glenn. Congrats on having the resolve to get through it. Always something new to test you eh! I hope your breakfast was amazing.

  3. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Gosh. Thinking a straight jacket may be your answer Glenn but whose going to put it on and take it off. Hope things due down soon. Hang in their.
    Cheers from The Dolman’s Downunder (Following your every move)

  4. Pat and Fred says

    Waiting anxiously for your next post. “Land-ho” soon. Do people really say that or is that just movie talk?

    Pat and Fred
    Happy landlubbers ☃️

  5. YOU ARE BRAVE HEARTS! In Hawaii and big storm is coming in again.Locals say they never seen so much rain.Back home in Victoria snow.Sorry Trump this is a result of Global warming.

  6. Lawrence Pitt says


    An old shipmate once told me that it can get rough enough to “roll the milk right out of your coffee!”

    Physics says that can’t happen but hang on nevertheless. Sounds like you’ve got a great crew with you: Perkins, Auto, Diana Krall, Annie Lennox. And you are steadily closing on your first way point. Good progress sailing under your new rules. Always great to be homeward bound.


  7. Jean Layland says

    Good heavens Glenn! You’ve left us biting our nails. What a contrast with your lyrical post about the sunset. Stay safe. We’ll look forward to hearing about that sea when things calm down.

  8. Just saw your last post! Yes! You ARE going to Rarotonga- hooray! Hope the sea settles down for you! I am down in Florida enjoying 75 degree weather, clear and balmy! Cheers and safe sailing! Dama

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