Hot and moist


Lat 18 28 S Long 159 33 W Wind: NNE 20 Waves: E 2.5 metres Cloud: 100 % Baro: 1009 Course: 03 T Speed: 5 knots Baro: 1009
Distance in last 24 hrs: 139 nm   
Range to Honolulu: 2391 nm  Cabin Temp: 30 C

December 23, 2016  Leg 2 Day 3

Very hot and moist down below but, making good time. Just finished dinner. Chicken stew. Tastes great. Now having tea and chocolate.

Miss you madly.


  1. The Bacon Family says

    Merry Christmas Glenn!

  2. Alan Campbell says

    Merry Christmas Glenn, and Marylou.. It is moist up here in Penticton too, but not because it is 30 degrees! Gosh no, it’s because the melt has arrived and it is plus one degree and everything is cold, soggy and slushy! I do know what you mean about the hot mugginess, though…although I have not yet been so lucky as to be in the “South Pacific”. Laila and I are rooting for you every league of the way and drawing you a magic course line to Hawaii for you to arrive safely. You’re our hero! Be well.

  3. Barry and Jo Johnson says

    From Barry and Jo Johnson Merry Christmas to you Glenn and MaryLou from sunny Perth Autralia this Christmas morning.
    I have a Canadian maple syrup glazed ham in the oven to make sure our thoughts are with you at our family Christmas lunch.
    Fair winds.

  4. Dear Glenn,
    Having chicken stew on Christmas eve must be a first . I am pretty sure the trophy wife usually has something other than that up her sleeve.
    Hope you have a good Chtistmas. Keep looking, you might find that bright star that will lead you home.
    All the best.

  5. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Dear Marylou and Glenn
    Wishing you both a safe and Merry Christmas and a New Year full of Joy.
    Best Wishes from
    Sally and Geoff Downunder xx

  6. Merry. Christmas Glenn xx love Anne & Eric . Keep safe xx

  7. Hope you have perfect sailing weather for Christmas Day Glenn. Merry Christmas and safe journey!

  8. Merry Christmas, Glen…..Keep on tracking you are our Hero.
    Ursula in the Baja and Thomas, in Victoria, too.

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