Making plans

Day 4 November 30, 2016 @ 4:40 UTC.

Lat 40.44 S Long. 176.43 W. Wind South 10-15 knots, Boat speed 6 knots, Course 142 T. A nice afternoon here.


Wind has picked up a bit this afternoon and we are making fine progress.

Just finished my radio sked with the gang and could just hear Alek in the background (from Australia) and Bob was there from the Falklands as well as Dale and Wayne from Australia. Cliff was away so Ron was net chief.

I’ve had a nice afternoon going through my charts and get a more cohesive plan together. I’m charging the InReach so may not be transmitting for a bit as it is down below WWII where it can’t pick up any satellites. I have to charge it every 2-3 days and it takes about 30-40 min.

I’m surprised I’m enjoying my avocado so much. They taste way better than the ones we get at home. But they are not going to last too long, nor is the cream cheese.

Sat outside in the cockpit for a spell this afternoon. Out of the wind, hiding behind the dodger, the sun was magnificent and I fell asleep. What an absolute treat that was. Looking at a blazing sunset tonight. If this wind holds, hopefully a peaceful sleep.



  1. Hi Glen
    December 1st has arrived in the prairies, thinking of you and WWII out in the water.. wishing you rest and assurance every day!

  2. Hi Glenn and team, We are now all receiving your updates now and enjoying them a great deal. Thrilled you are enjoying the Gisborne fruit ! (oranges are the best in the world I say !). Take care out there and enjoy the trip. Looks like you are making great progress. How is the fishing going ? Go hard – cheers our friend – John and family.

  3. Nick Goodall says

    Hi Glenn,

    Is there a link to see you track on an InReach website?

    Enjoying your blog, and living vicariously through you,


  4. Hi Glenn Hope you had a good night’s sleep. Just do your thing and get home. Victoria is just so much nicer when we know you are here. In the meantime, have fun an keep the updates going. All of us who will never be able to do it are enjoying the trip through your blog. You are very brave!

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