Not one of my best days …


Lat 10 49 20 S Long 159 22.05 W Wind NE 5 Waves N 1m (On the nose) Course 329 T Speed 3 ( maybe) (No wind generator) Cloud 100% no (solar) Range to Honolulu 1932 Miles since noon 6nm to the mark 

Dec 27, 2016 Leg 2 Day 7 @ 3 p.m.

Thought I would give you my position as of this time as it is more realistic than my “noon” at noon today.

So this is the state of things here.

1. Forward starboard engine mount broken.

2. Flywheel dangerously close to hull.

3. Making some water from stern tube, having to pump every 1/2 to 3/4 of hour.

4. Automatic sensor gone on bilge pump. Have to remember to turn on pump every 3/4 of an hour manually ( so not much sleep here)

5. Toilet plugged! Good news is I have a bucket.

6. There will likely be no more motoring for the next few days till I access parts and find some solutions. Good news is I’m not worried about the fan belt, it appears to be the least of my problems.

7. Without motor sailing, I will be in this high until some wind over 5 knots comes from the right direction to save me. Good news is I have lots of food and water, I hope.

8.  I am very low on Volts in the bank!

Never rains but it pours sometimes.

All in all not one of my best days, but there is a lot be thankful for, for which I will make out a list later when something comes to mind.

I am sure the sun will shine and the wind will blow soon!

Evening update

Thought I would give you an evening update to todays events.

1. Managed to get bilge pump sensor to work automatically so I can sleep.

2. Managed to lift engine with boom vang through hatch in main salon, and block it up this will stop the flywheel from rubbing on the hull.

Other than that all is well lots of heavy rain and low cloud all around. Tried  to chase the wind and Ok for a while but getting tired so let WW II look after her self for the night while I try and get some rest.




  1. What a day Glenn! Your skills are being tested and by the sound of it you are passing with flying colours. You are indeed another MacGyver!

  2. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    G’day Glenn. As they say “it never rains but it pours”.
    Loving the Maths to calculate your nautical miles though!. Not everyone’s favorite subject.
    Wish we understood a little more of your technical news however we are both eager to follow your story as it unfolds. Keep up the writing and hopefully publish into a book one day.
    Cheers for now from The Dolman’s Downunder

  3. G’day Cobber. Maybe it’s time to put a new spin on the old saying “A boat is a hole in the water that you pour money into”. How about “A boat is a renovation project that never ends?” Your voyage is proof that one should never put to sea on an ocean passage without a ton of miscellaneous supplies and at least 5 tons of resourcefulness and determination! You have certainly proven to have both in spades! Thinking of you always, and grateful for your honest daily updates. Wishing you fair trades soon.

  4. Glenn Just so you know there’s wisdom in articulating and sharing your burdens as you did today and remember this: your family, support team and fan club are listening and many are sending out good vibes and prayers through the universe to help you find resolution. Ellie

  5. Glenn,
    I’m sure there’s a word for that phenomenon of when bad things pile on, one after the other. And it’s probably not the kind of word suitable for family readership on this site. However, you seem, as usual, able to problem-solve your way through all this and still get some sleep–and make headway. Ever onward. We’re cheering for you. G&L

  6. Doug Rutherford says

    The life of a sailor. Never a dull moment. The best advice I hear is that to be successful sailor, one must be a jack of all trades. One of the most important skills is boat repair and maintenance. Love hearing of your adventures both positive and negative. We all learn from them. Lots of support from this land locked sailor.

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