December 25, 2016 Leg 2 Day 5

I have just been on deck to survey our watery path. The great grey clouds that have been the only feature these past few days have lifted. In its place the distant horizon reveals hedges of topiary clouds all shaped differently, and painted many shades of grey against a still grey background.

To my mind the hedges are a welcome site. I feel optimistic about the days to come. Some of the hedges are only noticeable by their shapely tops.

The horizon they are planted in I have not yet reached. I look forward with anticipation to see their hidden art work.

And maybe tonight I will also witness a sunset denied me these last few grey evenings.

And even more exciting, the clouds may leave altogether and I will see the night stars above.

Yes, I am optimistic and excited.


  1. Marianne Scott says

    Merry Christmas Glenn,
    I’ve been following your latest adventure with interest. You have a great way with words and I enjoy your descriptions. That said, I’m sure Christmas day must be lonely away from Mary Lou and the rest of family. Singlehanding is by definition a solitary enterprise and I’m glad you’re taking the shorter route home.
    Christmas day is beautiful here. Mt. Baker is standing proud and Spieden Island has a creamy line of snow. Many layers of gray and blue cover Haro Strait and a golden but muted sun paints everything a light tangerine.
    Be safe and keep those bean stews going. I think I’ll copy that recipe.
    Best wishes and warm regards.

  2. Doug Rutherford says

    The horizon always holds what you can’t touch. Go forth and embrace the beauty that is presented to you.Your Dreams are what should set your path.

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