Settling in to a new rhythm

Day 2 Tuesday, November 29, 2016 6 p.m. local time


Just finished taking all sail down and the motion on board is hard to believe.

Had a great session on the ham radio tonight. Of course Cliff was there as master of ceremonies. I spoke with Barry VK2 GGA in Australia, who wished to be remembered to all my girls – Claire, Nicola and Marylou.

Ron, whom I met in Dunedin last year was there ZL4 RMF, Ted VK6 NTE from Bunbury was there and lots more. One very exciting contact was Bob VP8 LP from the Falkland Islands, who has already tuned into our InReach site and is following us. Knowing he’s there in the Falklands is big for me.

So I’m now going to see what’s on TV and settle in for an evening of ‘rock and roll’. 

11:53 p.m.

Just got back underway after being becalmed for four hours. Off to get some rest.

4:40 am (Wed. Nov. 30th)

Sailing well, on starboard tack with Fleming on the tiller. Grey morning here. My course is 96 True, Wind is from the South East. A long night with calms and light winds, not much sleep. Going back to my warm bunk now. 

6:50 am

Had a nice sleep in this morning after a busy night. The one lovely comfort for me is that I have that beautiful lime green silk eye pillow filled with lavender that you gave me, and that allows me to sleep better and I think longer in the daytime. It’s not a bright day, the cloud is low and broken with just enough blue sky to make a dutch man’s pants. The air temperature is cool, so the main hatch is not closed but just open an inch (20cm) or so. The wind is from the South, so my plan to head further south is on hold. Our boat speed this morning is a respectable 6-7 knots.

I have two reefs in the main and may take one out and see if I can handle the 7 – 8 knots. The sea is a steely grey with a 1 metre (3ft) swell from the south west, along with the usual confusion of smaller waves from everywhere else. I’m enjoying a juicy Gisborne orange and the old Earl Grey steaming up out of the lid on the squat little stainless steel mug. I haven’t decided on breakfast yet, probably good old oats with NZ powdered milk and brown sugar. I have a fleece on top and my Gill farmer John on to keep me warm. Haven’t gotten into wearing the rabbit fur lined slippers yet but I’m sure they will come in handy.  

I can hear the busy tap tap tap of a line against the mast, and the creak of the helm on the rubbing block that sits under the life raft and the sound of the water rushing along as we make our way upwind toward the east. Occasionally West Wind has to toss a stubborn wave to one side and everything below complains at not being notified. We have a hobby horse sort of motion at the moment and a heel of about 10 degrees. I can also just hear a low whirl of the wind generator out on its perch on the port stern toe rail making electricity to power this computer and the all important ham radio.

I don’t have any pressing jobs this morning so I will update the chart and go over the weather report again and make my plans around that. I made a few repairs to the wind vane last evening. It doesn’t perform well in light air lately so I replaced some bolts to the push rod while I was in Gisborne. I think they may have been a bit tight so I took them off and filed them down and put them back in. I think it made a difference but I will keep an eye on them. Fleming, as ever,  is a good fellow and never complains. It does a good job and deserves attention because without him, this show would not go so well.

Lat 40.23 S Long 177.37 W Course 74 True Speed 5.9 knots Wind SE 15 knots Waves SW 1 metre Barometer 1015 + Temp 65° F Cloud 99%

My plan is to keep going east with this Southerly wind and try to move south as best I can. 

PS Just finished 100 squats. Off to the locker room for a steam and shower.



  1. The Bacon Family says

    Hello Glenn,

    We are sending our best wishes to you and are following your journey.

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