Arrived in Honolulu !!!

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Arrived safe and sound to Honolulu Sunday, January 15th @ 11:30 am Hawaii time. We’ll spend a week here putting West Wind to bed and fly back to Victoria. 

Sorry for the wonky looking post. Trying to upload from my cell phone in a harbour with intermittent wifi.!

We’re tied up at the Waikiki Yacht Club and are being treated very well. 

Met  lovely people since he arrived who have invited us to their beach house.





  1. Aloha Glen,
    This is Keith, the dirty mechanic working on the lime green parasail boat next to you in dry dock on Oahu. It was so great to meet you that day and exchange adventure stories with you. Your story is truly inspiring. After my walk across America I have now caught the itch for adventure and always seeking more. I would love to one day sail around the world. Thank you for your kind words about my walking journey. If you ever find yourself back in Hawaii and need a sailing partner or an oil change let me know!

    Safe Travels home,

  2. Dean Gooch says

    Congratulations and well done mate,
    (And a huge congratulations to you also MaryLou)
    We will catch up with yoos and tip a couple when you get home.
    Enjoy your much deserved rest.

    Stevie & Dean

  3. Douglas Adkins says

    Be sure to say hello to Don and Sharry Stabbert on Starr, wonderful Seattle friends and CCA members. She is on the far outside slip, beautiful 77′ Northern Marine trawler.

  4. The Bacon Family says

    Enjoy Hawaii!!

  5. Steve Merriman says

    Great news .
    Ann & Steve

  6. Chris Henderson says

    Hi Glen,
    I am 69 and have often thought of doing a long distance solo voyage and reading your blogs have been both a great inspiration and the most accurate account of what it is like and what to expect (the unexpected) . Thanks heaps for the adventure

  7. Alan Campbell says

    Hooray! That’s enough of the great wide ocean for awhile, Glenn. My nerves can’t stand it! Well done and enjoy your flight back home. Can you send us a photo from outside of the bad engine mount?

  8. Pat and Fred says

    Bestest news ever!
    Cheers and welcome back to the homeland.

    Pat and Fred

  9. KenPfister says

    Well done Glenn. Enjoy Hawaii!

  10. Congratulations on your landfall. That leak must have been very worrisome (inspired me to do some research and add a roll of sheet rubber to my emergency repair kit!). All the best.

  11. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Finally we can sleep sound at night until the next leg. Well done Glenn. Aloha to you and Marylou.
    We will definitely toast your arrival tonight.
    Cheers from The Dolman’s Downunder xx

  12. Ray Chamberlin says

    Hi , Glad to hear Glenn has made it to a safe harbour . First time I’ve posted but have been following for some time . I really enjoy your posts .Very interesting .

  13. Mary Lou Rowbotham says

    Welcome! Glad to hear you made it and you two are enjoying some time together. Enjoy your beautiful climate…will try to save some rain for you when you get back to Victoria!

  14. Susan Bassett says

    Wonderful news! Enjoy Hawaii!

  15. Congratulations on your safe arrival, Glenn. We will listen for you again next summer.

    Jane NH7TZ

  16. Well done – great news – try a Makers Mark Original – cheers and take care. Gisborne

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