Settling in …

Tuesday, January 17, 2017



I’m here in the legendary and very hospitable Waikiki Yacht Club.

I am happy and very lucky to be here with my MaryLou and to have arrived safely. MaryLou and I have just enjoyed a coffee and fresh breakfast prepared by chef Jasmine.

I’ve been for an early morning swim in the pool, which overlooks the boats and Ala Wai Boat Harbour. I’ve done my poolside yoga lying in the early morning sunshine. 

We’ll spend the rest of the day working on West Wind and preparing her for her 6 month stay in Hawaii. 

Thanks for all your welcoming comments.


  1. Jim Dutton says

    Hi Glenn and MaryLou
    I have been a “Maui type” and have not been keeping up. What a feat of sailing.
    What a wonderful reunion for the two of you.
    Enjoy and we will see you back in Victoria

  2. Ellie Matheson says

    Well done Glenn (and Marylou)!
    Hope you have a wonderful time together.

  3. Glenn,
    Enjoy your truly human contact after all of the fish and birds only.

  4. Congrats on arriving in safe harbour!! Enjoy the sun and sand. Ruth

  5. Thinking of you both with fondness my friends. So happy for you both. Hope the work goes well on Westwind II. Bazz and Jules.

  6. James and Louise says

    Hey Glenn,
    So glad to hear you are safely ashore and with Mary Lou.
    I look forward very much to a good catch-up at the Penny Farthing soon.
    Aloha from Kihei,

  7. Susan Bassett says

    Wonderful picture! I am so happy for your landfall, Glenn, and MaryLou, thank you for all of your updates! I hope that I will get to meet you both when I am next in Victoria. Fair winds, Susan

  8. All the best Glenn. Will await your next voyage.

  9. Stephen Farmer says

    Glad you made it safely , been following the adventure
    Not bad for a senior citizen

  10. Aloha! To Glenn and Mary Lou
    Wow! So happy to see you together. Lovely photo.

  11. Well done Glenn,
    Thanks for all the posts and allowing so many of to join you vicariously. There were many moments you described when I thought I could feel the rising and falling motion of WW11 as she made her way north. Enjoy your break and I look forward to further adventures…

  12. Doug Rutherford says

    Glad all is well in your life.
    Thanks for taking along the many sailor hitch hikers.
    Aloha Doug Rutherford

  13. Yeah! Glad you made it safe and sound!…It’s been great to follow you on your journey.
    See you when you back to this island…aloha!

  14. Jean Layland says

    Breathing a deep sigh of joy and relief, thinking of you two side by side in the sun.
    Jean and Mike

  15. Linda Newland says

    Welcome to Hawaii, Glenn. Will miss your posts until your next adventure. So glad you made it safely without more issues with those engine mounts.

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