A fine balance


Lat 14.47 N, Long 160.04 Range to Honolulu 431 nm Boat speed 4 knots Course 354 T.

Tuesday January 10, 2017

00:20 am.

All is well. No 25 knot wind yet waiting for the shoe to drop. Back to my bunk.

03:35 am

Nice steady Easterly about 15 knots. Let a little more jib out just to get us along on our way. Quilted sky flushed with moon light. Cool breeze on my bare skin. The sea seems to be down a bit, no big swell so motion is more comfortable and not as much water coming in. Pump has slowed down but still working.
450nm  to Honolulu. All is well. Back to my bunk.

05:15 am 

Making good progress. Wind seems to be building a bit now. Boat speed 4.5-5 knots and motion is more lively. Pump is on more often. A fine balance here between speed and water intake. But under control. Daybreak in a few hours. Moon has gone and now a very dark night. It will be good to see the break of another day.

06:00 am 

Pump starting to recycle a bit too often (15 X per hour) so will have to slow WW II down with a few turns in on the jib to ease water egress. Motor still solid in place with no movement. As long as speed is around 4.5 knots, pump only recycles 6X per hour which I have deemed to be OK.

At 4 knots, it’s 110 hrs to Honolulu with a tack of 70 miles will make it about 130 hrs if conditions remain the same. So 5 more days. So in on Sunday hopefully.

07:40 am 

Dawn has broken open a new day “Tuesday” and it has revealed itself to be a troubled sky with thick grey clouds in large mountains spread across the horizon. The one system to the west of us we must have sailed through and passed by not that long ago. There is one off our bow and one to the east of us which we will become intimate with in the not to distant future. I have just come back from rolling in the jib a wee bit and emptying my own night water container over the side.

Saw a beautiful Tropic bird checking us out along with a much larger Red Footed Booby. All signs we are getting close to land.

Now for breakfast, I think it’s pancakes this morning and tea.



  1. David & Chris says

    We’re still with you on this amazing journey Glenn and trust that you arrive in Honolulu safely!
    We’re about to leave New Zealand and start the next leg of our journey to Australia/Tasmania.
    Good luck my friend !

  2. Love it .. doing well o captain my captain.. love the news feed

  3. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Wow. Pity about the Beer and Wine but thank goodness for the bottle of scotch. That should just last you the next 5 days Glenn. Sip carefully.
    We will have a toast to you this evening.
    Cheers from The Dolman’s Downunder.

  4. Pat and Fred says

    Sunday..Honolulu…Wishing you the best winds ever. Marylou…pack a wee bag and book your flight now!

    Pat and Fred

  5. Nick Goodall says

    Hi Glenn,

    I’m on the edge of my seat following you into Honolulu. One thing’s for certain: Even after you’re long back in Victoria, you’ll be hearing that damn pump come on in the night!

    Good luck!


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