Being there

January 5, 2017

Christmas arrived at our house today.  An envelope from Glenn post marked Rarotonga, Cook Islands. In it, a chip from his camera. Thanks to modern technology (and snail mail) here are a few photos.

dscn2079Must be chilly. A fleece jacket AND the knitted cowl I made him for Christmas.


A few days growth and suited up ready for cold weather.


Flying fish discovered on the deck over night.


Flying fish fry up minutes later for breakfast.


Sitting in front of his beloved ‘library bar’ in the main salon.


Tied up in Rarotonga at the main wharf.

 And if you want to get a feel for what it’s really like on board,watch this video.  Enjoy.


  1. Nice needlework, MaryLou! Nothing like a cozy neck warmer on a blustery day. Looks like those miles to Hawaii are clicking by!

  2. Is that a set of encyclopedia behind Glenn?

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Thanks Gayle. It’s actually the secret bar. The books are just a distraction, to make you think he reads encyclopedias for fun. The fun is actually behind the books. A lovely single malt held carefully in a beautiful crystal decanter. I’ll post a photo of it.

  3. Lisa Smith says

    “Flying fish fryup” – great new tongue twister! Thanks for the wonderful photos – made my birthday extra special!

  4. KenPfister says

    Wow- love the video!

  5. Judi Kellow says

    Thanks for the amazingly descriptive blogs and now photos Glenn and MaryLou.

  6. Alan Campbell says

    Great photos! But the video won’t play the sound, just the scenes. Which by the way are pretty darn impressive anyway…

    • MaryLou Wakefield says

      Turn up the volume on your computer and the volume bar on YouTube and play it again Alan. Let me know if that works.

  7. The Bacon Family says

    Happy New Year Glenn! What a video!

  8. Pat and Fred says

    FANTASTIC photos and the video reminds me to ” watch the horizon, just watch the horizon ” . Thank you so much for sharing.

    Pat and Fred

  9. Georgina and Lawrence says

    Ach, you make it look so easy, Glenn. And we know it ain’t much of the time. Love the photos. Great to see your smiling face. Continued good progress to Hawaii.

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