Blowing the dog off the chain


9:30 p.m Sunday night

The wind is blowing the dog off the chain, the waves are coming over the bow, The hula dancer is just holding on to her coconuts, and all the chocolate is gone. The cookies are gone and I’m just eating the last piece of licorice. The ice cream has gone, and there is no more beer or wine.

But … the pump is still going strong and there is still one bottle of scotch left, although it may not last the night and we still have five nights to go. Oh yah and I think the “TP”  will last. So as usual, all is well.

We have only a scrap of sail up, and a I have only one more vane left for Fleming. The cock pit is full of water. We are having a hell of a night here and it is still early. Sleep may not come easy and if it does it will be short. To see the morning will be good but oh my goodness it seems a long way off at this moment. The wind generator is producing more power than the system can use so it’s dumping it out the coil and the rubber is starting to smell from the heat.

It is very very dark outside and noisy. The search light moon is flickering through the clouds that race passed it across the dark night sky. I am going to try to read for a while in my bunk but I may end up with all sail down and the helm lashed down as well. It is a real stinker of a night. But I am sure we will make it, even without the chocolate and ice cream. ( Just kidding about the ice cream, we never had any to start with.)

6:30 a.m. Monday morning

Monday morning and we we are fine, shaken and stirred but fine. Still blowing the dog off the chain. And most importantly the little Whale pump is still keeping us above water. The motor has not moved although it is not for want of trying.

I was up several times during the night but could do nothing more to improve our situation so I made a lovely big pancake and smothered it in Nutella. The morning light will give me some more courage and although we made little distance toward Honolulu last night I will work hard today to try put some more miles behind us trying not to make things worse.

I am sorry about being slow and dragging this out.

07:45 Monday morning

Got the kettle on and two earl grey tea bags ready. Double double WW II style. It’s getting cooler during the night and I find myself clutching for the edge of my sleeping bag and pulling it over me in the mornings. That tea is going to be nice, and warm me up and help me make my plan to get through another day. I’m getting weary of the motion and the slow progress, but we will make it through this one like we have so many others.

I must keep busy and do some projects. Cleaning is always a good distraction so I will try that. I desperately want to put the main up and point a little higher but not sure about the consequences.  I will try it and if it is too much of a compromise I can just take it down again.

I want to send this off now so hope you have a good day.

Glenn has been whittling away and is carving a continuous wooden chain. 


Where there is Glenn, there are tools. Here’s the new woodcarving set.


The first rough in of the continuous chain.

And here’s the first link coming free.

Watch the short video.

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