Constant heavy motion


Saturday, December 7, 2017

04:00 am

Rough night, (bilge) pump rate is up but steady and I managed to get some sleep. We are still moving ahead with very reduced yankee and no main. Lots of water on deck but we are fine and the situation is stable. I’m going to try get more sleep. Still dark but we are fine.

756 nm to go. We are making our way slowly but surely. 

07:00 am

All is well. Managed to ring some more sleep out of the night in my warm bunk beside the mighty little bilge pump which purrs away.  The sun is just showing its rays through a pink and grey cloudy horizon. The sea is running fairly high – a menacing two metres with breaking white tops that even though our speed is down around 4 knots, find their way on the deck and slosh down the gunwales and empty over the toe rail.

There is constant heavy motion and standing up is a risky business, breakfast may require a perfect Olympic performance. But slow, methodical and purposeful motion well thought out ahead of time and thousands of miles of practice will win the day, and put breakfast within reach.

Wish me luck !




  1. Hi Glenn
    Not far to go now. I hope you fix the hole when you get on the hard in Honolulu. All the best. Kelvin (tied up next to me in Rarotonga).

  2. Having watched your sailing video posted by Mary Lou just a few days ago, I better understand the meaning of high rolling seas. It appears that you and your vessel are slalom skiing through moguls pounding some very high water. That’s one tough performance and you’re doing all the right things. Hope you get a breather soon with some calmer waters so that you can ready yourself to soon capture the ‘Aloha’ spirit.
    Sending prayers and good vibes your way.
    All the best
    Ellie Dufresne

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