Cracking off the miles to Hawaii


Wed. Jan. 4th 06:00 am 

Fish boat 2 miles off my port bow. Just caught his running lights as I went out to adjust course.

We are off the wind and making good time and all is well. 1129 nm to Honolulu.

Fairly cool and looks like another bright sunny day on the horizon.


  1. Barry Mitchell says

    Hi Glenn, heard you today on the 14.300 net. Glad to hear the great report. I will try to get on tomorrow aft. Have a good watch my friend.

  2. Hi Glenn (and MaryLou)

    I’ve been following your solo adventure since you left BC a couple of years ago and have been riveted to my seat with the tales. I was so glad you turned back when your rig started to lose it’s grip on the mast. Now, quite excited to see you resume the adventure!

    I’ve often wondered if you saw any boats out there on the ocean, and now you have. Do you ever cross paths with any sail boats as opposed to fishing boats, and if so do you try to make contact?

    I wish you continued safe travels,
    (from Toronto)

  3. Doug Rutherford says

    Glen are you really sure you want to sail back into BC at this time of year. It is colder than the hubs of hell here. BRRRRRR,

  4. Welcome to the Northern hemisphere Glenn. How are you doing with A Short History? I have put mine aside for a while to read my new Trevor Noah book that I got for Christmas. I’m reading about a different view of South African history than what I experienced. Whatever one reads about another country is just the author’s view. We can never accept that as the alpha and omega of what happened. We should all aspire to be more mindful and try and make life better for those around us. Would have been good if we knew all of this a couple of decades ago.
    Hope you enjoy being away from headline news and the circus of American politics. You will get a good dose shoved down your ears once you are back and your regular radio turned on. At least all you hear on your HAM is relevant to you and your immediate circumstances.
    Glad you saw the fishing boat!

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