Crossed the equator



January 3, 2017 Leg 2 Day 14


Lat 01 02.777 N Long 160 14.204 W Wind East 15 knots Waves East 2 m Course 013 T Speed 5.5 knots Cloud 20% Baro 1010
Miles in last 24 hr 121 nm Range to Honolulu: 1224 nm

It has dawned another beautiful equatorial morning much the same as the last few, some low white cloud and at the moment pink billowy clouds dancing across the sky from the East on a lovely cool Easterly breeze. Yes you heard it right “cool” enough that on my first trip up into the cockpit this morning to survey my world, that beautiful refreshing breeze gave me goose bumps. Welcome to the Northern hemisphere Glenn.  Now put some clothes back on. The difference in temperature has prompted me to have a cup of Earl Grey tea this morning, the first in many days.

My days are in many ways a numbers game. How fast are going? How much further do we have to go? How much longer will it take to get to Honolulu? How strong will the wind be? How many degrees do we have to steer to? What’s our latitude and longitude? What is going to be the best frequency to connect to Winlink so I can send and receive my mail? and most importantly,  How many times did the bilge pump come on in the last hour?  

I can report that the numbers all look good this morning.

Another very big milestone last night was crossing the Equator. Yahoo! Good to be back in the Northern Hemisphere.

The distance to Hawaii this morning is just 1262 nautical miles, Yes! Our boat speed is + or – 5 knots which gives us a ride that avoids as much hull crashing  as possible so the engine doesn’t move and let more water in.

Looking around the cabin this morning I think we’ll wash the cabin sole and tidy up a bit after breakfast which will include one of only two grapefruit left.  
A small treat for crossing the Equator.

Getting closer sweety.

Love Glenn


  1. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Farewell from the Southern Hemisphere Glenn.
    Aloha and safe sailing into Hawaii.
    Cheers from The Dolman’s Downunder!

  2. Pat and Fred says

    Good on you Glenn.
    Cheering you on from a frosty -37 with the WC.

    Pat and Fred

  3. Good to see you back in the Northern Hemisphere Glenn.
    Fair winds and following seas to Hawaii!

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