Front row seats



January 2, 2017  Leg 2 Day 13


The sun is chasing the stars off the stage and allowing the clouds to enter.  A new equatorial day is beckoning.

Last night just after the stars filled in, the IMAX show appeared. An amazing tangerine saucer moon appeared with the bright star Venus near what would have been the handle of the cup in the saucer.  It was very captivating and kept my attention for its brief stage appearance. I’m looking forward to tonight’s performance which I, as a seasons ticket holder, have front row seats. Again.

The GPS screen shows us at 01 ‘degrees’, 41 ‘minutes’ south of the Equator and heading North. So that is 60 nm (for every degree of latitude)  +41 nautical miles (one per minute of latitude) which = 101 Nautical Miles to the equator.

That will put us at 1290 NM to Honolulu, not bad for an old salt and his vintage yacht! The wind should come round more from the east soon and we can ease the sheets a bit and be more on an even keel and maybe even increase our speed.

The Eastern sky is pinking up now –  further evidence of the coming day. I have done both things I got up for and going back now to squeeze a few more zees out of the dawn.


  1. G’day cobber. With our current cool northerly outflow winds, the BC skies are crisp and clear. Tonight that cup-shaped moon you described hung low over the western horizon and Venus shone brighter than I’ve ever seen it! Of course I thought immediately of you, and our shared moon gazing of your previous voyages. Wishing you clear skies, bright stars and fair winds Glenn.

  2. Jean Layland says

    Thanks for taking us there, Glenn! May 2017 continue to be full of wonders for you.

  3. Leslie Ann says

    So pleased that your voyage has a few ‘calms’, Glenn. I don’t mind telling you that just reading your trials is heart wrenching at times but of course that’s the adventure you signed up for. Best of the season to you and wishing you more beautiful vistas. Fond regards, Landlubber, Leslie

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