Knocking off the miles

Sunday, April 30, 2017

03:10 pm

I’ve been out on deck reading and taking a few photos. There are a pair of Albatross cruising around the boat and one lone Wanderer. My tiny storm petrel is still hold up under one corner of the life raft and not being very sociable. I hope he or she will be ok and fly away.

Still very grey low cloud cover but good steady breeze and we are knocking off the miles. Very cool here. The kettle’s on for more tea.

later that evening …

Sleep seems to be evading me tonight. It’s a beautiful night with a tangerine crescent moon hanging over our port stern quarter. We have 15+ knots of wind coming up on our starboard stern quarter pushing us along at 6 -7 knots with a distinct rolling motion. We’re making good time and the sound below is accentuated by the darkness, occasionally we are moved around but Fleming always brings us back on track.

We made 150 miles in 24 hrs. today,  average overall is about 125 miles. The wind is supposed to build in the early hours of tomorrow and so I will take the last reef in the main and a couple of rolls in the Yankee.

Sleep has been a little hard to get started these last few nights and tonight will be no exception. I’m feeling a little anxious about things but should probably believe in my abilities after all these years at sea. I am going now to give it another try…

Good night Marylou ~~~~~_) ~~~

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