On to a new chart !

04:15 am Saturday April 29, 2017

I have just finished a tour of the deck and spent an hour and a half repairing a parted reefing line. Wind has died down a fair bit and we are down to 4.5 knots but WW II is still moving well. The sun is coming up in a little while so the sky is flooding with tangerine light. We have a big cloud bank just south east of us that seems to be moving towards us. I have been up several times during the night and feel tired so will be going back to my bunk soon. Its cool here low 60’s and lots of dew on deck.

Big day here as we move on to a chart that shows the west coast and Vancouver Island. 1016 miles to go!


  1. Ed Hayley says

    Wow!! I’m still amazed at your journey and have just caught up on the last leg of it. Glad to see you are more than half-way home. Blessings for a safe and wonderful final part of your adventure. I look forward to seeing you soon back in Victoria.

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