Signs that land is not far off

May 5, 2017 08:20 am
Position: Lat 46 31 Long 128 11  Temp 53 F

Glenn sails out the Straits of Juan de Fuca on his second solo circumnavigation attempt, September 2013.

The sun is up, albeit behind some very billowy clouds. The seas are still mountainous and the wind blowing hard. Good for making volts, not so good for standing up. My bunk is by far the most comfortable and warmest place be. If all goes well, we should be at the mouth of the Straits by the afternoon tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll have clear weather.

The tides, of course,  will start to play a big roll in my transit of the Straits.

I’ve been trying to imagine what it would be like trying to make landfall in a square rigger in these conditions. Boy those guys must have been tough. Up in the rigging on a night like last night is hard to imagine. How about Captain Cook and his crew, they didn’t even know where land was!

Photo: Intrepid solo kayaker, Hayley Shephard

In my very brief forays on deck and poking my head out the hatch I have seen sooty albatross and petrels in numbers that would make you think that land is close.

Looking out the galley port lights is difficult because of the condensation, but even so, the blue sky is visible and it looks warm.

All is well.


  1. John Taylor says

    I was delighted to get MaryLou’s email to reconnect after the electronic gremlins messed up the mailing list and it is great to see you are back on line – albeit for only a few more days. Your daily entries have, I am sure, given readers a sense of being there with you – that has certainly been the case with me. In the intervening days since your previous entries you have come so far from Hawaii and are now nearing JUan de Fuca Strait. I feel your sense of anticipation after your long journey and hope the leg down to Victoria is uneventful.

    Fair winds and gentle seas!!

  2. Melissa Anderson says

    I think we are now feeling the winds you have just come through (or perhaps are still in). I hope they are hastening your arrival back home.

  3. Mary Lou Rowbotham says

    I hope the winds die down soon so the rest of your trip goes much more smoothly!
    Thanks for letting us follow your travels! Safe journey the rest of the way!
    Your old neighbour,
    Mary Lou

  4. Susan Bassett says

    So exciting! May tide and wind be with you down the Straits to home!

  5. May the wind be blowing gently through your sails as the west coast beckons you home. Stay warm.
    Following the days ahead with excitement. Sincerely Ellie Dufresne

  6. Jean Layland says

    Your closeness is practically palpable, my friend. May the tides bring you softly and swiftly home to your sweetheart.
    Jean and Mike

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