Slow going


Lat. 11 19 N Long 159 33 W Course 335 T Speed 4.5 knots Wind NE 15 Waves NE 2m Cloud 100% Baro 1014
Miles in last 24 hrs: 111 nm Range to Honolulu 606

All is well. Slow going and bearing off to stem the water egress. Will have to make up easting as I get closer. As wind bears to the east the waves do not follow and so as soon as I head up I have the waves dead ahead, an impossible situation to sail into in my condition, as the pounding makes the pump come on far too often.

Patience is a virtue to making it there in one piece. Sometimes in short supply here. But we do the best we can.

Thanks for the updates.

Cheers Glenn


  1. James and Louise says

    Hey Glenn, We can almost see you over the horizon as we watch the seas full of Humpback’s playing to the West and South of Kihei, Maui.
    It is unusually calm today, which is great for us land lubbers but a pain for you. Looks like a big high in place.
    Sometimes those last miles are the toughest. But you will soon pick up the scents of Hawaii, and come ashore like Cook and the others. Too bad we were not in Honolulu to meet you.
    You are in our thoughts every day.
    See you soon buddy.
    Aloha, James and Louise

  2. Steve Merriman says

    Hang in there Glenn – we are thinking of you .
    Ann & Steve

  3. Pat and Fred says

    As always cheering you on Glenn. Honestly … don’t know how you do it. Hurry up and get to Honolulu. The suspense is killing me.

    Pat and Fred

  4. John Taylor says

    Hey Glenn All things considered you are making great progress. Hawaii is less than a week away! One day at a time and easy does it. We are all rooting for you to make a safe and swift landfall but if it takes an extra day or two we won’t stop cheering you on!! Best regards for a peaceful and uneventful sail into harbour!! John

  5. Sally and Geoff Dolman says

    Yes, keeping the patience up can be very difficult especially when no one around to unload on. However Marylou and all your friends are right behind you willing you and WW11 towards Hawaii and home.
    Cheers from The Dolmans Downunder

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