Steady Progress

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Thursday, January 12, 2017

11:40 pm

Stayed up late to reduce sail as the wind built to 20 knots and sea increased to over two meters as did the pump. So I’ve been reducing sail from 10:00 pm on till now. Wind seems to be holding so I will go to sleep and wake later to see how things are. Kind of a wild night on deck with full moon overhead and a fairly big sea running.  Beautiful site, bumpy ride.  


All’s well steady progress, 242 Honolulu, Course 025 T, speed 4.5 knots, clear sky full moon. Back to my bunk!


Mr. Moon is still lighting our way. There are far fewer stars than in the southern hemisphere night sky. Our breeze is still strong and our seaway is causing a lively motion so I’ve kept the speed down to keep the pump happy. We are 232 nm from the prize. The air is cool, t-shirt weather.  I’m not needed on deck so back to my nice warm bunk and sweet dreams.


Just watched the sun come up over the horizon standing in the cock pit. Found myself shouting “a very good morning to you sir!” 

Now sitting at the Nav station, the orange light flickers across the head liner. I have a t-shirt on to take the chill out of the cool fresh morning air. While in the cockpit, I let a few wraps off the jib furler winch to make the jib bigger and pick our speed up a bit and I pulled on Fleming’s reins to bring us up into the fresh south easterly breeze which is blowing across a much flatter sea than was running last night.

I have one orange and one grapefruit left so I think we’ll start the day with one of those tropical fruits, a pot of tea and porridge. I’ve had trouble getting good propagation lately so this may not make it to you till this afternoon.

Have a great day honey not long now!


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