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May 28, 2017  Royal Victoria Yacht Club

At 15:00 I called our second crew meeting and asked our navigators Paul and Nicola to evaluate the wind and current situation based on the models on hand.

We had the tide against us at 3 – 6 knots for the next 5 hours and no wind in the forecast. This would have effectively carried us back to the start line. We were in 350 feet of water, with 300 ft of chain, left us 50′ short of anchoring.

That, with the prospects of rounding the mark and finishing the race within the time limit was slim to none. So, we decided unanimously as a crew to withdraw from the race and head back to yacht club and to the bar. We consoled ourselves heartily with MaryLou’s homemade chili; drowned our sorrows in Spinnakers Pale Ale and arrived at the wharf with stories of another adventure.


May 27 @0:11:07

West Wind II had a brilliant start of Swiftsure this morning at around 0:9:30. It’s still early in the game, but at the moment, she’s looking very good amongst the competition in her Division 3 (the ones with track lines marked).

Stay tuned for updates here or go to the Swiftsure tracker website.


Thursday, May 25, 2017

Here’s my able crew for the 2017 Swiftsure Lightship Classic. Left to right: Paul Roberts, Brendan McShane, Skipper Glenn, Nicola Wakefield, Dorian Halliday, and Stephen Shepherd. Photo credit: MaryLou Wakefield

We sailed the boat around to the Inner Harbour last evening and we’re now tied up at Dock #2 at Ship Point (not on the causeway in front of the Empress Hotel).

If you’re in the area, please drop by to say hello.




  1. Sarah McShane says

    Yarrr! Bon voyage! Looks like a winning crew

  2. Gerry Porter says

    I am doing “color commentary” on Clover Point at Start. Can you give me very brief synopsis of your sailing life.

  3. That sure looks like a winning team to me, Glenn…especially that sweetheart on your left! Best wishes to you all.

  4. Santa brussow says

    Good luck you guys ( and girl!) I know you can do it!

  5. Goodluck Glenn and crew.
    Rainy and cold here in WashingtonDC. Hope you get better weather

  6. Good luck this weekend.

  7. James Houston says

    You look like you are having too much fun. Hope you guys have some good winds and get home with a nice westerly.
    All the best,

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