The ham net is humming tonight

Monday, May 1, 2017

Ham radio operators in Olympia, Washington, El Cajon, California and Vancouver, BC relay messages from VA7MLW marine mobile on WestWind II to home base in Victoria, BC.

Positon: 41.1 N, 136.3 W Distance in last 24 hrs: 160 nm

Shout out to ham radio operator Gary (W7WWI) in Olympia, Washington who pulled a few strings (or wires) and was able to patch me through to Glenn on the radio tonight.  Not sure how that works, but it was great to have a few crackly words across the ocean. Also to Steve (KK6ZUU) in El Cajon, California for relaying Glenn’s familiar “All is well on board WestWind II” message on email tonight. And to Ron (VE7BGK) in Vancouver for relaying his messages.

Thank you all.


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