The Home Stretch

May 6 @ 20:45

I’m having an amazing run down the Straits. Visibility is great and not too much traffic. An incredible sail to finish off a great passage. The sun is low in the sky and the moon is up. Both shores are extremely beautiful in this early evening light. I’m very tired but having the sail of my life.

I feel sooooo lucky. I’ll be phoning you as soon as I get coverage which should be in a few hours. Can’t wait to see you.


  1. Susan Bassett says

    Such good news! Home waters at last!

  2. You’re coming’re coming home…. Maestro! music here!!!
    Good for feeling the sail of your life…the heart is yearning…you towards home
    Thanks for allowing me to be part of this memorable experience.
    First, as a stranger,….you,as a sailor…. Me, as a fan….Now as.a friend, who has touched my heart.
    I wish you and Mary Lou all the best. Thank you for sharing this great experience.

    Sincerely, Ellie Dufresne
    …so inspired by you and your voyage that I’ve written you and enjoyed the best west coast mariner song,’Dance of the waters’. No!, the east coat can’t claim it, because it’s inspired by an incredible west coast sailor and his name is Glenn Wakefield. Bravo! Welcome Home!

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