Tough day



Friday, December 6, 2017

It is the beginning of the afternoon. The wind has died to a whisper and the sea left by this morning’s hard blow has settled in troughs and sentenced us to an afternoon of little progress and enough motion to test the Pope.

I am dog tired and a little frustrated when we find ourselves in this situation. I will most likely take down all sail and wait for the wind to return. Our noon distance was 131 nm, a very good showing I think. I am going to have tuna for lunch and hopefully do some reading and put myself to sleep. It’s very hot and muggy here. I must find a cold place in my mind to go, home right now would probably do.

2 p.m.

We had all sail down and rolled with it for an hour and a half and now we are rail down doing 5+ knots. All you have to do is wait and the world changes all on its own. We are now going too fast so I must go on deck and roll in a bit more Jib.


Made it through another day and tonight will be tough as well. I’ve taken down the mainsail altogether and secured that along with the main halyard. I have rolled the yankee in a bit more and got it ready to roll in even further if need be. I was on deck in my rain pants thinking I would be okay but we took a big one right over the boat and it filled my pants. I just had a fresh water wipe down and dried off. Feels good to be prepared.  

And as far as my ETA, it’s hard to say because of the weather. As I get closer, I will better be able to tell. Anyone care to take a guess?

Getting very tired here now. I will make some chicken and rice for dinner then try to sleep.


  1. It’s tough days like this we give thanks. Moments of reflection. Blessed are we with the days we have. In our thoughts and prayers my friend.

  2. Doug Turner says

    Glenn you have asked for estimates on your arrival in Hawaii and I think you will be there on the evening of the 12th or early 13th of January. So not too much farther to go before you reach land & Marylou.

  3. Keep at it Glenn. We all really enjoy getting your updates. Hope you had some chocolate stashed for Xmas and NY treats. Go hard. Cheers McKendrys Gisborne NZ

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