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January 1, 2017 Leg 2 Day 12

Well every day is a new clean sheet of paper on which is written the days events and all our hopes and aspirations.

Today is an extra special day, January 1st the first day of the new year 2017. When I’m at home on land, I usually start a fresh new page in my Moleskin with a special pen and write in my best hand what my hopes and aspirations for the new year are and what were the highlights of the past year. This morning Marylou is at the top of the page and making my way back to her and home is what drives my every thought and move.

Our situation here is delicate and keeping afloat requires a lot of thought and an even keel. The GPS just ticked over to 1500 nautical miles to Honolulu. We are only 200 miles from the Equator. The weather reports have favourable winds for the the next week so already New Year’s Day is full of promise. I have had many many wishes from our blog family around the world sending both Marylou and I best wishes for the new year. Thank you so much for being there and thinking of us and we wish you and your families the very best for the new year.

Our course today will be a little east of north as much as we can get, and hopefully as we work closer to the Equator and the wind will come more from the East we will be able to follow it and head more east to make our approach in to Honolulu a little more favourable.

I noticed this morning some serious wear on the toping lift, the line that runs from the end of the boom to the head of the mast and supports the outer end of the boom when I take reefs in and out. I will have to replace the bottom end of it in the next day or so which will give me some time to plan how I am going to do that.

The days are fairly routine with some minor repairs, as usual, to keep me occupied. My meals take up some time and I do my house keeping regularly. I had a shave last week so won’t need another till it starts to itch too much. I do hand washing of my smalls whenever need be, as that is all I am wearing these days. (T.M.I. perhaps).


(OK, it’s not hard to find a photo of Glenn in his skivvies. This one is from 2008 on Kim Chow somewhere in the Southern Ocean. I call it Master and Commander in brief)

*** Editor’s Warning: Some of the graphic imagery may be offensive to some.

I am getting used to not having a head (he means a toilet, folks) and using a bucket and a bottle. A description of which may follow in the days ahead if I can find the language to make it presentable. (Stop reading now if you are the least bit squeamish). Just briefly though …(I warned you) try to imagine the pit falls of using a bucket and bottle while busting a gut and imagine the back of the pickup truck at high speed driving down a bumpy road.  That may bring a smile to your face and if that’s all you end up with on you, you are doing well. Timing and a firm grasp of the job at hand are paramount. The next attribute you need is buckets of agility, and dexterity, along with courage and slight of hand.  I have a whole new respect for those fanatical sailors who for the sake of one less thru hull fitting have taken up the “Bucket”. Enough of that. (Indeed!)

Well here’s hoping you take time today to remember all those who are close to you and those who could do with a little help. I for one consider myself a very lucky man this fine morning. I am think of you all and thanks for being there for ML and I.

Have a wonderful day!

Cheers, Glenn


  1. Have a great 2017 Glenn and may the force be with you and your trusty bucket! Safe passage to Hawaii.

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR from WhiteRock / South Surrey [ A beautiful wonderland of snow last night

  3. Happy New year Glenn and Mary Lou
    I guess that distance is all relative Glenn, but after following your many thousands of nautical miles over the past few years, it may seem crazy but 1500 mm is starting to seem like you’re just around the corner from Hawaii.
    ‘Spirit of water, spirit of wind
    Guide us along till our ship comes in
    For we’re all alone on this wide open sea
    So far away, from where we’re meant to be’

  4. Stevie McDowell says

    Happy New Year Glenn and Marylou!! May the seas be smooth and your bucket be steady through 2017!
    Cheers and hugs from Stevie and Dean

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