Departure Day

Day 1 Sunday, September 6, 2020 @ 11:00 Departing Victoria, BC

I can hear the fog horns blowing as the local sea gull choir announces the sun rising. I slept well and feel good. Today will be the beginning of another adventure. It will be filled with lots of emotion at both ends of the scale. Outwardly it is a celebration. It’s the end of the planning and provisioning stage and time for the overdue departure, casting off the lines. Months and years of planning and hard work.

On the emotional side, my family are torn. They have been here before and many emotions rush back for them, not to be denied, but felt deeply. We talk about them now but it is not easy. It is not easy to show your vulnerability particularly in front of strangers. This is not the day they nor I have been looking forward to because of our love for each other.
Bitter sweet sorrow.  My wife MaryLou has a sweet personality and a strength of character that runs as deep as the ocean, and she gave those traits to our two daughters Claire and Nicola and I will miss them just as deeply.

There have been an amazing group of talented and caring people who have had a very large hand in helping me get to this day. Thank you. I hope through the blog postings that I send to MaryLou, which she checks and tweaks and posts on the website, that I will keep you vicariously with me on board West Wind II through our ups and downs over the next thousands of miles. Collectively, I feel you all with me on board. It is the best of women-man kind.

We’re all connected in some way by our feelings. I am a very lucky man and privileged to be setting off this morning to fill a dream to  sail single handed around the world.  

Welcome aboard and hold on tight!
Cheers Glenn 

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  1. Archie Campbell says

    Great ‘start’, Glenn!May the weather gods be kind to you and ‘Westy’ for the next 7 or 8 months. We all look forward to seeing you in the Spring.
    Will be checking up on you every morning till then. Archie Campbell 250 216 8711.

  2. Jack and Donna says

    Have a safe and wonderful journey.

  3. A perfect day to set sail. God speed young Glenn. Jim

  4. I have to say the picture in your last post looks like you’re headed north into colder climes. Just think in a few days you’ll almost be able to put the shorts on and slather on the sunscreen till you get to 40S! Just remember that those of us left in Victoria won’t be seeing any southern climates this winter so please send warm weather north. Wishing you a safe voyage and a speedy return so you too can be dressed in foulies.

  5. I can’t imagine the heightened emotions after all the preparations and when you consider not making land for sooo long. God Bless!

  6. Sonia Polson says

    Wishing you everything good as you set forth to fulfill your dream. Love and good wishes to your whole family. I will be cheerleading for all of you until you sail back into Victoria. On that special day, I’ll be waving from the shore to be part of your “Welcome Home” gang. Till then, continuous positive thoughts, my friend, and the same to ML and C and N. :)

  7. Dave & Daphne says

    Sweet sails for you Glenn. Couldn’t get to the RVYC dock but we’ll perhaps see you as you go out through the Salish Sea.

  8. Judy and Mike says

    Glenn, your dedication, thoroughness, endless enthusiasm and confidence, along with the love and support of your family and countless friends will ensure this venture is a success. We are with you all the way. Stay safe my friend.

  9. Roslyn van der wal says

    Wishing the very best Glenn. Sending lots of love, support and admiration. And to the women in your life I send the same. Your family is amazing and I truly believe you will finish with huge success and many amazing stories to tell us on your return. Know you are supported by many and admired by all, each one of you. Bon voyage.

  10. Valerie Nathan says

    All the best to you Glenn. I hope you’ve got lots of scotch on board!
    We will be following your adventures and hoping this time is the charm.

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