Day 3 Tuesday, Sept 8, 2020 @ 07:30 47.91 N, 126.44 W

Becalmed in a fiery sea with the sun just a few feet above the horizon. It’s quiet, but for Westy’s stirring to the still lumpy surroundings. A spider weaves a nest in the pushpit pipes and moths flutter by. I’m jealous of their speed. Frustrating conditions last night with waves coming quickly from several directions. Very lumpy and unpredictable motion on board, also hard on the sails and rigging. I slept well in between trips on deck to quiet and ease the slapping of the main and jib.

Nice slow morning here, we are not going anywhere so a slow cup of tea in the cockpit will be fine.Not sure where the wind went but will wait till some sign shows up and we will make the best of it.
One small job on the list, repair the head. There are pros and cons with using a bucket, I have yet to realize the pros other than it tends to not
clog up. I have my old chart here from when I left around the same time in 2013 so will overlay my positions and compare. Hard to believe this is my forth time, no fifth time across the Pacific. Four times south and once North.

The land has gone by the wayside. The slowly fading silhouette disguised the entrance to the Strait of Juan Fuca. It’s what Captain Cook would have seen and what a thrill that must have been. I was surprised by the amount of freighter traffic yesterday transiting the Straits. One thing I noticed was their speed seemed a lot slower than it used to be within the Straits. 
I’ve just heard the wind generator start up so there is wind. Hurray!  
On that note, I will sign off.  Love to all.
Cheers, G

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  1. Dave Traynor says

    Looking forward to all the adventures to come…these pics are beautiful, as are your words. We’ll be with you all the way, thanks to MaryLou and your wonderful, round-the-world support team!

  2. Roslyn van der wal says

    Thought about you out in those winds yesterday. Crazy how they picked up so fast and strong. I have three Ontario friends that just moved here reading your posts with me. They are so impressed as are we all. Your writing is wonderful. I know MaryLou is involved too. Well done all. Can’t wait to read the book. Take care. Great sunshine. Is the smoke from the fires in Washington state all around you as it is in Victoria today?
    Safe travels, Ros

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