It’s all coming back to me

Glenn on West Wind II at the start of his
third attempt at completing a solo westabout circumnavigation

Sunday, September 6, 2020 15:30

I’m now five miles off East Sooke park heading back from the American side. The wind is 10-12 knots from the west coming right down the Straits. We have 15 degrees of heel and making 5.5 knots. It’s sunny, cold and very bright. There’s fog against the US shore and I hope it stays over there.
It’s all coming back to me. The vane is steering, I’ve made tea and have been pecking away at my roasted chicken and eating Trevor Hayward’s fabulous rock cakes. I changed into warm clothes for the night.
We got headed and are now heading directly for East Sooke. No panic I’ll tack in a bit. The tide will be changing to an ebb in an hour or so, so that will help us on our way.

Friends gather on the wharf at Royal Victoria Yacht Club to say goodbye

I’ve been fortunate to have such amazing friends who would show up in the middle of a pandemic to say good bye. Thank you, it was greatly appreciated, more than you know.

West Wind II is escorted out of Cadboro Bay by our 26′ Haida Shadow with MaryLou, Claire and Nicola aboard

I’m tired now and tonight will take some doing but the wind looks promising. It’s supposed to lighten up during the night then fill in from behind early Monday morning with 15 + knots.
With lots of tea and warm clothes, I should have no problem. I hope the fog stays in the American side!

There will be a moon around 22:00 hrs which if clear will brighten my spirits. Thanks again to everyone for coming to the dock and sending messages from near and far.

Here’s a link to the story in today’s Times Colonist by Jeff Bell.

NOTE: To see Glenn’s latest position on a map, click on Where is Glenn Now? on the home page.


  1. Sandi Miller. says


    “There and back again, “ said Bilbo.
    “ Aye Aye,” said Glenn.

    “The stars may disappear from view
    Behind the dark of a black ink night
    Always though they watch over you
    Until the early morning dawn of light

    Great Bear of our green Island home
    Raven Claw shadows Golden Eagles flight
    Each will steer your path to still of roam
    Keep strong your thoughts of land in sight

    Each hold of the wheel you have a thousand hands
    Guiding your course with the wayward sea
    The invisible winds from far away lands
    They sing great songs, sing loud the wind so free .

    SPM 2020.

    We will enjoy your menus, fishing and adventures and safe passage in sleep.

    Sandi and Crew, Oak Bay..

  2. It was an enthralling experience for Di and me to view your departure on David’s little runabout in the middle of the bay. All the very best on your incredible adventure, Glenn

  3. Heather Loenen says

    Thank you for sharing your journey. I look forward to hearing about your triumphs and challenges each day.

    Heather Loenen – Kelowna.

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