It’s getting real

Day 9 Sept 14 39.24 N, 131.45 @ 14:15 6.5 knots

Recovering from my first full gale last night. All is well and no gear broken, or bones! I have to admit I should have just chosen the other tack and headed for shore. I’m headed back to where I started yesterday afternoon. Once I had committed last night conditions quickly deteriorated and tacking in big seas on a very dark night with water coming over the deck was not a good idea so I shortened sail got comfortable and waited it out. Things always look better in the morning in the light of day and we are on a much better course with the wind just off the nose and heading down the coast. My routine for heavy weather is coming back and some of the changes I made for Vic – Maui race are taking a while to get used to. Moving the main sheet traveller aft of the tiller would have worked better with crew on board but for me by myself it’s a bit out of reach. I secured the windward running back stay tackle to aft of the rail to give the mast more support in the big sea running last night. It helps steady the mast in those conditions.  

I’m very much missing getting emails and having conversations with people on Winlink. I’m going to try and talk to some ham land stations just like I talked to Cliff and Alek. Missing our conversations the most. those ties for me are very important to keep me grounded out here.

It’s always the way that once I actually put myself here on the boat that it gets real – the scale of the voyage and what it’s going to take to make it successful. 


  1. Sending you calm seas and happy thoughts.

  2. Lisa Marie Whitaker says

    Sending love and good health and strength Uncle Glenn. We love you! Lisa & Oskar xxoo

  3. Neil Ruthven says

    Love your updates! You’re my inspiration for leaving at the ripe young age of 60 from Newport Oregon aboard a Dreadnought 32. Stay safe. We’re cheering you on!!!

  4. Bill Conconi says

    Hi Glenn, well done on your progress solar and in sharing your learnings with us.
    Do you have a Ham schedule you are following? What frequencies are you working?

    Many thanks, Bill VE7FWC

  5. James Houston says

    Hey Glenn, I watch for your blog every day. You are an inspiration for all of us, especially we ‘older’ folk!
    You seem to be making very good time. Hopefully you clear the big storm climes without any major challenges.
    Louise and I are currently in Kimberley and still dealing with smoke. Home by Friday.
    Take care my fulmar friend,

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