Love and hope is holding us together

Wednesday, Sept 23, 2020

Sunset cruise on West Wind II , April 2020

Glenn remains in critical but stable condition and is expected to be ready for transfer to Victoria within 5 – 7 days, god willing. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a strict no visitor policy therefore, we must remain in Canada and await his return. Our family physician here in Victoria has been at our side from the beginning of this ordeal providing logistical coordination for Glenn’s transfer and emotional support to our family.
We love you Dr. H.

Many of you have reached out with messages of love and hope and for us, they are the glue keeping our family together and we are so thankful for all of you.

We want to share a heartwarming moment our family had amidst this otherwise dark time that I think you may also feel buoyed by. It comes in the form of an email from the Rear Admiral and Commander of the Eleventh Coast Guard District in Alameda, California. It was the women and men in his command who were responsible for coordinating Glenn’s rescue from West Wind II.

Here’s an excerpt from the Admiral’s reply to our note of thanks.

Although you may be surprised to hear it, I’ve rarely received an email like yours in over 31 years of service.  Thank you for taking the time to compose such a thoughtful email.

Please know that Coast Guard women and men live for the opportunity to save those in peril on the sea, and that we are overjoyed we were able to be part of this rescue.”

Many of you have asked how we, his family, are doing and I want you all to know that this is a devastating and uncertain journey for us and we appreciate your kindness and compassion. We feel supported by so many who have reached out to offer the gift of your company, nourishing food, and sharing the link to the GoFundMe Campaign across your networks, all of which is so appreciated. Others have offered support and information that may assist in the retrieval of West Wind II and we have a group of dear friends who are at this moment working towards that.

We are keenly aware and sensitive to the fact that Glenn is a close and treasured friend to many of you and his unfortunate situation is personal for you and hits hard. As one friend so poignantly put it,

“I think (if it gives you any peace with this) the reason why this tugs at all of us is because it strikes so many chords at the same time. Our sense of adventure through Glenn and his courage, our fear of the same thing happening and mostly preventing guys like me from jumping off, our compassion for your entire family and our sense of charity to our sailing community are all somewhat rattled.” 

We’ll provide more relevant information as we receive it. His family continues to hold space for a miracle and Glenn’s safe return home soon.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


  1. Hi Marylou
    I hadn’t read this post, must have missed it earlier. I love the line from the Rear Admiral and Commander, “Coast Guard women and men live for the opportunity to save those in peril on the sea, and that we are overjoyed we were able to be part of this rescue.”

    Amazing that they are not flooded with letters of thanks for what they do. Good for you, for touching this man with your heartfelt thanks. As always, I am praying, meditating and willing health and vitality for Glenn.

  2. Amanda Baart says

    Nicola & family, I remember your dads smile well as I remember our days at Pure Vanilla. I hope you guys get him home as soon as possible. My thoughts are with you in this difficult time. Amanda Baart.

  3. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now but hoping that you will have Glenn home or at least nearer very soon . Although I do not know you all personally I would like to send you all love and hope xx

  4. Eileen and Ian Harper says

    Thank you for sharing updates on Glenn. There are so many people ‘pulling’ for Glenn, and for you all. We are here for you and will continue sending positive, healing thoughts. A special man, and a very special family. Great big – wait, no – giant hugs!

  5. Susan Bassett says

    Sending you all best healing prayers and light.
    Like so many others, I feel connected to Glenn and his journey.
    Your strength and prayers will see you through this storm.

  6. Heather Loenen says

    Thank you for taking the time to post updates. There are so many readers who are both closely and loosely connected to your family; however, we as we attempt to imagine, for a moment, what your ‘mile’ is like – it is simple unimaginable. May you be encouraged as we hold you up in practical ways as well as our genuine thoughts and prayers. Heather L. Kelowna, BC

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