One day closer to home

Update Sunday, Sept 27 @ 0900

Thank you all for continuing to send your kind words and continuing to share the link to this blog to your communities. The GFM campaign has reached individuals far and wide and we are working on ways to further that reach to more audiences.

Over the weekend, we’ve been working with the hospital in San Jose and the emergency transportation team here in Victoria to make all the arrangements for Glenn to be transported on Monday.

The medical team there is preparing him to be transported, the transport team here is in place, and the hospital here is preparing for his arrival. There are so many people working hard to make this happen and we are so grateful for everyone’s efforts.

We continue our daily visits with him over FaceTime and reassure him that he’ll be coming home very soon. We hope with all our hearts that’s true. We tell him that he is loved so much by so many and we whisper sweet things to him before we say good night. He’s unable to respond other than look at us but we’re holding on to the idea that he can hear us and that he understands. Those visits, as we’ve said before are the best, and most difficult part of our day.

As you can imagine, the strength he needs to hold on through all of this is enormous. We’re looking forward to the moment when we can be with Glenn in person and hold him close.


  1. Jean Layland says

    Clear blue skies first thing this morning. No smoke, no fog, for almost the first time since Glenn left, surely a good omen, and a reflection of the joy we feel knowing he will be home in Victoria before nightfall. May his flight be safe and gentle, buoyed up by the hopes and caring of so many. Marylou, Claire, Nicola, keep hanging in. We’re with you all the way.

  2. Sheila Dryden says

    I hesitated to reach out because I don’t know you and the girls. I knew Glenn and loved him a lifetime ago when we were kids and he was definitely a pivotable person in my life. I am heart broken for all of you. I have shared his story on my FB page in hopes that it will bring more donations, but the reason I am reaching out to you is because of what I read in the latest update. It appeared that he is conscious but not responding. I wanted to tell you that my Mom had a massive stroke at 71. It was 6 long weeks before she became responsive. The doctors told us she was dying. They didn’t even feed her. Of course, they didn’t know my mother and if Glenn were able, he could tell you she was a force to be reckoned with. What I am saying is don’t give up hope. I know it was a less than an ideal amount of time before he got to hospital but he is physically so strong and OMG so determined… so he will be fighting with everything he has to come back to you.
    Please know that you are in my thoughts everyday and I think you must be the most amazing women to have been so supportive of Glenn following this dream.

  3. Malcolm Cook says

    love to you all wakefield Clan.. love always will prevail.. glad Glenn is returning home safe .

  4. Ray Chamberlin says

    Good thought’s and prayers . Hoping the transfer goes well.

  5. Ian and Susan Grant says

    Great news if he is coming home tomorrow. We are all with you in this and we wish you strength for the days ahead.

  6. Sheila Lukasiewich says

    Hugs, love and healing prayers to all of you.

  7. Jennifer and Tony Roy says

    Great news that you are so much closer to having Glenn back home – all our love and best wishes to you wonderful Wakefields.

  8. Susan Bassett says

    So Glad to hear that you will be together soon.

  9. Melissa Anderson says

    Crossing my fingers that the transfer will happen successfully tomorrow and you will be together again.

  10. Roslyn van der wal says

    You are all so very strong. Including Glenn. I am sure he can hear you and knows you are bringing him home. We will all continue to send love, prayers and strength your way and are spreading the word as much as possible. Prayer groups, spiritual circles and financial contributions. Sending lots of love and huge hug. Roslyn van der wal.

  11. Georgina Montgomery says

    So good to hear this update. Love to all the Wakefields as we await Glenn’s return home.

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