The Ys of plumbing

Friday, August 14, 2020 @ RVYC

The Y valve is used to direct black water from the head either over the side directly (5 miles offshore), into a 25 gallon holding tank or can be pumped out at a land station. I revamped this holding tank from the one I had originally installed ten years ago. The Y valve was reused from the old system and I had cleaned it out before installing it. When the moment of truth came, it leaked very badly. much to my chagrin, as it was a struggle to install in such a confined space. Trotac supplied me with a new seal kit.

This morning, after carefully removing, cleaning 😷 and greasing, I was able to reinstall it and after test pumping it for an appropriate time met with success. Another item off the list. It’s also important to note there is a bolt that keeps the Y valve in either of the two positions, this is part of the regulations for holding tanks.

I had consider a composting toilet but the cost was about $1500. Not in the budget for this voyage.

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  1. Pete Rasmussen says

    Composting head is so much cheaper and easier! I made mine using a 20 litre paint drum. plastic and an old oil bottle for the liquid. Cost next to nothing and works a treat. No odour wxcept for the sawdust which is usually macrocarpa so nice. I just made an attractive timber surround and seat for the drums.

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