Update on Glenn

September 18 @ 19:00

This update is from MaryLou, Glenn’s wife, and our two daughters Claire and Nicola from our home in Victoria.

Firstly, we would like to extend our gratitude for your messages and all the support from so many friends through this very challenging time.

We would like to let you know that Glenn is currently safe, in a hospital in California and is receiving exceptional medical care. At this time we are awaiting the results of multiple assessments that will give us a more complete picture of his condition.

We are hoping for the best possible outcome for Glenn and will provide further updates about his condition as they become available.

With gratitude,

MaryLou, Claire and Nicola


  1. Kris Hageland says

    Thinking of you at this time, Glenn. Sending lots of positive vibes for a strong recovery to come! Best wishes, Kris

  2. Melissa Anderson says

    Sending healing thoughts to you.

  3. Chris Appleton says

    Hang in there, Wakefields.

  4. Glenn, Mary Lou and family,

    So saddened to learn of your hospitalization. Myself and the SVS Shoreteam were so excited for your trip and loved following along, I tried to reach out on your cell phone to reach Mary Lou but left a voicemail to offer any assistance so please let us know. Prayers and best wishes for a speedy recovery and return.

  5. So very glad to hear Glenn is on land and receiving attention. Praying his condition is not serious. Thank you for the update. Eagerly awaiting the next update and praying for good news! Be strong ladies.

    Don from Nanaimo

  6. Santa Brussow says

    My heart goes out to Glenn’s three girls. I can just see him beam when he talks about the three of you! May that help him keep fighting to get better.
    Glenn’s big smile and heaps of energy come to mind. Much love to all of you. Santa

  7. Good Morning MaryLou
    I haven’t checked in for a couple of days and so opened this email to see that Glenn was in the hospital. Poor guy. I know that he and everyone was so hopeful for a smooth journey this time. I cannot imagine how scary a message of “medical assistance” would be when you cannot get all of the details. I’m thrilled to hear that he is on land and receiving care and attention. I hope it is not too serious and that he is OK. I hope the boat is OK. I hope you and Claire and Nicola are OK.

    Please pass along love and healing to him. Take care
    Love you all!

  8. I hope Glenn makes a speedy recovery, thoughts are with you and your family xx

  9. Julie Murray says

    Sending Glenn, you Marylou and your girls our best wishes for a speedy recovery. Our thoughts with you all.

  10. Sonia Polson says

    Thank you for the update…relieved to know Glenn is on land and receiving excellent medical care. I have been thinking of the whole family all day and I continue to send warm, caring thoughts to each one of you. Fondly, Sonia

  11. Mary Lou Rowbotham says

    So glad to hear Glenn is being well taken care of! So sorry this has happened, do hope the sailboat is ok. My thoughts are with you and the girls. Must be pretty scary to be so close but be so far. Sue sends her best wishes too.
    Your neighbours on. Patrick St. years ago!

  12. Bridgette Hatley says

    Thinking of you and your family at this very difficult time Mary Lou. Pleased to hear that Glenn is now in good hands .
    Malcolm and Bridgette

  13. Susan Bassett says

    Glad to hear he is safe, was waiting for word. Are you able to be with him?
    Sending best healing energy ❤️

  14. Sending you our thoughts and hug for all. And thank you for keeping us all informed.

  15. Kati and Ned says

    Thinking of you all and wishing Glenn well. Love Kati and Ned

  16. Mary Lou, Claire and Nicola,

    Our hearts go out to you. The last time that Bill and I saw Glenn was after he dropped off a bottle of bubbly to congratulate Bill on his successful solo circumnavigation three days before Glenn left. Glenn then went on down the dock pushing his cart filled with last minute things for the boat and looking back at us with his wonderful smile and waving.
    We treasure that moment and we send you our wishes of support and best wishes.
    Big hugs (virtual of course)
    Cathy and Bill Norrie

  17. Neil Ruthven says

    We are praying Glen will make a full recovery. Thank you for the update! All the best to you and your daughters also.

  18. Becs Hoskins says

    Sending our very best wishes to you all and Glenn – hoping for the best!!!

  19. Don and Claire Avison says

    We’re thinking of all of you.

  20. Jody Banister says

    Know your entire family is in my heart and thoughts. It is nerve-racking to say the least thinking of what you are going through right now. Huge hugs and much love.. Jody

  21. Steve Merriman says

    Thinking of you all . Love Steve & Ann

  22. Grace and Steve says

    Thank you for updating. Hoping for positive prognosis.

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